Jet Boat Gold Coast

Jet Boat Gold Coast

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What are the best jet boat rides in Gold Coast?

There are plenty of jet boat rides in the Gold Coast to keep thrill seekers of all kinds entertained. This ever-popular activity is a real must-do for all adventure lovers and a great way to enjoy the Surfers Paradise coastline views, while also getting a good shot of adrenaline. High-octane thrills aren’t limited to just theme parks in the Gold Coast!

The best jet boat experience is a matter of opinion and depends on how long you’d like to go for and whether you’d like to add on any extras. For a straight-up 45 minutes of jet boat fun, you could jump on the Extreme Jet Boat Ride setting off from Surfers Paradise. This 880-horsepower jet boat is perfect for taking on the waves, and its fully enclosed cabin means you take them on and stay dry.

Or for an open-air experience, how about the Gold Coast Jet X’s exhilarating 55-minute ride? You can expect to hit speeds of over 80kph, so hold on tight for a journey that’s packed with lots of thrills and spills. Another best seller is the one-hour V8 jet boat ride. Whichever option you choose, you can expect a range of manoeuvres, like slides, 360 spins and wave surfing, as well as awesome views.  

You might also like to combine your jet boat ride with another experience. Check our range for these thrilling combo deals. 

Where to jet boat in Gold Coast?

Surfers Paradise ‘s stunning Broadwater is an amazing place to take a jet boat ride. You’ll zoom past the skyline and look out for for famous sights like the Versace Hotel and Sea World. Keep your eyes open for The Spit, Wavebreak Island and South Stradbroke Island as you go. You can also look out for wildlife and marine life in this beautiful part of the world. 

What to wear on a jet boat ride in Gold Coast?

It’s a good idea to dress comfortably and casually for your jet boat ride. Shorts, T-shirts and runners are an ideal choice. On most jet boat rides in Gold Coast getting wet is part of the fun, so make sure to bring a towel or change of clothes with you on the day for your own comfort. Especially if you’re planning on staying out for a while after your adventure. 

Don’t forget to stay sun safe too. Slap on the sunscreen and don’t forget your sunglasses as the glare off the water can be quite intense/ 

How does a jet boat work?

Jet boat are propelled forward by pulling in water from under the boat. This passes through a jet unit and is pushed out, helping the boat forward. These boats were created this way (back in the 1950s) for a good reason – New Zealand’s shallow, fast-flowing rivers and rocks weren’t well to suited to propellers. 

Is a jet boat ride safe?

Safety is always a top priority for the jet boat ride operators we work with at Adrenaline. All are highly experienced and well established, thrilling dozens of happy Gold Coast visitors and locals almost every day of the year. On the day they’ll run through a safety briefing with you and your experienced boat captain will make sure everyone remains happy and safe throughout the experience. 

How long is a jet boat ride?

Gold Coast jet boat rides tend to last between 45 minutes and an hour, giving you awesome value for money and all the thrills you can handle. Browse our range and pick a length of time that suits you. 

Jet boat rides are available in a number of other places in Australia, including Sydney Harbour and the Sunshine Coast. Jet boat rides are one of the best selling experiences here at Adrenaline, so whether you’re looking to do it for the first time or a repeat customer, we have an experience to please.