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Jet Boat Sydney

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What is jet boating?

Jet boating is the most thrilling way to travel by boat. A jet boat sucks in water from under the boat, passes it through a jet unit and forces it out, propelling the boat forward. One of the reasons these boats were first developed (back in 1954) was to avoid the issue of propellers striking rocks in the fast-flowing, shallow waters of rivers in New Zealand as way to.

Of course, nowadays, jet boat rides are an incredibly popular activity available in locations across Australia, including the famous Sydney Harbour. Jet boats are a best selling experience throughout the year here at Adrenaline, and thanks to the pleasant Sydney climate, they even run during the winter months.

Which is the best jet boat ride on Sydney Harbour?

The best jet boat ride on Sydney Harbour is the one that suits your needs, time schedule and budget. Jet boats depart from near Circular Quay, passing the Opera House and Harbour Bridge as you head out in to the open water, where the jet boat driver can go full throttle. You’ll speed around the stunning coastline, taking in views of Rose Bay, Taronga Zoo and more.

But, of course, this is more than just a sightseeing tour. Feel the splash of the waves and enjoy thrilling manoeuvres, like spins and fishtails.

A jet boat ride is a great thrill for people of all ages, so it’s ideal for couples, families, groups of friends and even solo riders. We offer single tickets, options for two people and family passes, so think about which best suits your needs and offers the best value for money. Sometimes you can benefit from a Sydney jet boat discount by buying for tickets for two or as a family, compared to the price of individual tickets.

Our options here at Adrenaline offer a Lowest Price Guarantee, so you can book with confidence.

What to wear on a jet boat ride in Sydney?

Due to the speed you’re travelling across the water you’ll at the very least get a good splash on a jet boat ride. So it’s best to wear comfortable clothes, like shorts, t-shirt and runners. After all, you don’t want to be walking around in heavy, damp clothing. Ponchos/waterproofs are supplied to help keep you dry, but it might also be worth bringing a change of clothes just in case! Remember to slap on the sunscreen and don’t forget your sunglasses to protect you from any glare off the water.


How much does a jet boat ride in Sydney cost?

The list price of a Sydney boat ride is around $85. Occasionally this may be less when special offers are in place, and it can also sometimes prove cheaper to buy for two, or select a family pass. All the latest prices on Sydney Harbour jet boat rides can be found right here. So take a look at the range and choose the option that suits you best.

How to find Sydney Harbour jet boat deals?

To find the best jet boat Sydney deals just browse the Adrenaline site. Book with confidence thanks to our Lowest Price Guarantee and book your trip on beautiful Sydney Harbour quickly and easily. You can buy now and select your preferred time and date, or buy a voucher to give or use yourself at a later date.