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Water Jet Pack + Flyboard Experiences At Adrenaline

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How does a water jetpack work?

Water jetpacking seems like something out of a James Bond or superhero movie, but thanks to the advent of water sport technology it’s a very real and accessible experience that you need to try. With a jetpack you can go soaring high above the water’s surface, but how does hydro flight work?

The jetpacks are water powered, blasting hundreds of litres of water through a specially designed thrust nozzle to get you up in the air. The hose that’s feeding the water through is flexible, so your water-propelled hydro flight with the jetpack is an easy, agile experience. While you fly, you’ll be in control of the movement so far as which direction and how high you go. 

Flying a jetpack on water is definitely not your average water sport, and you can find water jetpack adventures all around Australia right here at Adrenaline. 

Where can I ride a water jetpack?

Australia’s pristine waterways and love of watersports make it the perfect place to try water jetpacking and flyboarding. We have dozens of jetpack adventures and opportunities to try flyboarding at Adrenaline, in all the best spots across Australia. Just browse our ‘Jetpack and Flyboard’ category and filter by location, or browse locations and filter by activity - whatever suits you! You’re sure to find exciting experiences and water sport adventures that fit what you’re looking for. 

The popular locations where you’ll find water jetpack rides and flyboarding experiences at Adrenaline include Sydney, Perth, Phillip Island near Melbourne, the Central Coast, the Sunshine Coast. There are more experiences in new locations being added all the time, so take a look and secure your jetpack adventures here. 

Our experiences either offer just water jetpacking, just flyboarding, or a combination of the two for an action-packed session on the water. Whatever you decide to choose, you’ll have an unforgettable time trying out the wonders of hydro flight.

How old do you have to be to ride a water jetpack?

Water jetpack adventures and flyboarding are both very safe water sport activities, so you can rest assured that your hydroflight will be high thrill but low risk. The water powered flights do have age limitations as well to ensure the safety of participants, which varies between different experience providers. 

You can see the age limits specific to each experience on its product page on the Adrenaline site, and you can contact us to check on any details. For the water jetpacking and flyboarding experiences, the minimum age usually sits around 12-14 years, and participants under the age of 18 are required to have a parent or guardian sign a consent form on the day. 

How much does a water jetpack cost?

As you might expect, the state-of-the-art jetpack and flyboard technology isn’t cheap if you’re looking to buy one for yourself. A water jetpack price can range from thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be that cashed up to give it a try.

Very few people buy their own jetpacks or flyboards for personal use, because it makes way more sense to pay a reasonable amount to hire out the gear. With our experiences you can try the state-of-the-art water jet sports and have instructions on how to make the most out of it included. 

At Adrenaline, we have great deals on all water jetpack and flyboarding experiences, plus a Lowest Price Guarantee to make sure you’re not overpaying for any activities. If you’re a fan of water sports, a jetpack adventure is definitely worth it. Nothing else can give you the sheer exhilaration of flying over the water like the futuristic water powered hydro flight. Add some excitement into your life and try something you’ll never forget with a jetpack ride.