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Laser Skirmish

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Laser Skirmish – Sydney and Perth

For the best games of laser skirmish, Perth and Sydney-area locations on this list have everything you want for an action-packed afternoon. We’re not talking 20-minute sessions. These outdoor laser tag games span anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours! Different gameplay scenarios are featured at each course to keep you on your toes.

As the two teams take aim at each other, you’ll need to do more than just run and duck. Keep your wits about you. Communication and leadership skills are invaluable on the field. Think fast but also think smart. Never let your enemy on to your plan!

Experience Gifts Everyone Will Love!

Laser skirmish is the perfect gift for him, her and most definitely the little ones. Suited for all ages and abilities, these outdoor laser tag games are incredibly immersive. What makes them so great? Firstly, there’s the locale. Deep in the bush, you’ll be crawling through trenches, strategizing with your mates in bunkers, seizing enemy bridges and hiding in shrubs—all decked out in full-body camouflage. Your enemy will never see you coming.

Secondly, there’s the gear. The infrared censored guns at these laser skirmishes are extremely precise. And it’s not just one model. There’s different artillery, so if you have a sharp-shooter in the group, ensure to equip him or her with a long-range sniper rifle (it even features a telescopic lens)!

Let’s Get This Laser Skirmish Game Started!

Corporate events, buck’s and hen’s parties, birthdays or just thrilling afternoon of rolling around in the muck—these laser skirmish experiences guaranty hours of fast-paced fun for every soldier on the field. It’s a great workout and even better bonding experience. Ready your platoon and book one of these epic laser quests today!