Parasailing Gold Coast

Parasailing Gold Coast

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Where to Parasail in Australia

One of Australia’s best hotspots for watersports is the Gold Coast area. You’ll find all the best parasailing on the Gold Coast, plus plenty of other Gold Coast watersports right here at Adrenaline. 

With our wide range of experiences, you can go parasailing by yourself, on tandem flights with a friend, or combine parasailing with other watersports. We have options that include jet ski and parasailing Gold Coast experiences, and jet boating too for anyone who is up for a seriously action-packed day on the water!

Browse our parasailing experiences and find all the best parasailing Gold Coast deals with our Lowest Price Guarantee and constant promo codes. 

How does parasailing work?

Parasailing brings together the fun of water sports and the thrill of flying, giving you a completely unique experience that you need to tick off your buck it list. Here’s how parasailing works: you’re suspended in the air by a parachute attached to a speed boat. As the boat rides along, you fly in the air behind it. 

The movement of the boat keeps you flying and you don’t have to do any steering or anything at all! Just sit back and enjoy the boat ride from up to 100m above the water at the peak of your parasailing experience. It’s the perfect vantage point to spot marine life like dolphins and maybe even sea turtles, and enjoy incredible panoramic views of the Gold Coast area stretching out around you. 

Parasailing is an opportunity to experience adrenaline-pumping fun, and you can even parasail with a friend or partner if you want! Multiple people can tandem parasail and enjoy the heights and speed of parasailing on the Gold Coast together.

How to parasail from a boat?

You’ll start your adventure on board a speed boat before you begin your parasailing experience. During the boat ride your instructor will provide a safety briefing, and once you reach the fly zone you’ll be harnessed up and clipped onto the parachute. 

To begin the flight you’ll be winched into the air by experienced staff. A winch is used like a fishing pole to pull the chute into the air from the boat without jolts, and it’s proven to be the safest parasailing method. 

From there you’ll be flying for the duration of your ride, enjoying 360 degree views and an exhilarating rush of ocean air. When parasailing on the Gold Coast you can soak up the spectacular scenery of the city skyline to the mountains, islands, and everything in between. Look out for marine life like dolphins and sea turtles below!

One of the great things about parasailing is that there is no experience necessary to do it. You can be in the air all by yourself if you want to and you’ll be in good hands as you soar behind the jet boat. 

Do you go in the water when parasailing?

With the modern systems in place, you won’t necessarily go fully into the water at any point when parasailing. You’ll be taking off and landing on the deck of the parasailing boat, so it’s up to you whether you want to go for a swim as well. 

While you might not be fully submerged in the water, you will cop a bit of wind and ocean spray as you go, so parasailing operators recommend that you wear swimwear or weather-appropriate clothes you don’t mind getting wet. 

Does parasailing have a weight limit?

There is a weight limit for parasailing that is enforced to make sure the experience is safe and fun. Usually the weight limit for a solo parasailer is 140kg maximum, and tandem parasailers need to be within the maximum combined weight of 200kg and minimum 65kg. 

All the weight limitations for parasailing and Gold Coast watersports are listed on our site when you’re browsing the specific experience, and limitations can be confirmed upon booking. If you have any questions about weight limitations or other accessibility queries, just ask us! 

How safe is parasailing?

Parasailing is your opportunity to experience all the fun of an extreme water sport while feeling completely secure in your safety. Statistically speaking, parasailing is a very safe activity, and all the modern technological developments and regulations makes it safer than ever. 

At Adrenaline, we connect you with trusted experience providers who offer quality, regulation parasailing on the Gold Coast. They will make sure that the weather conditions are appropriate for parasailing, they’ll have quality equipment and take all the necessary safety precautions. Enjoy the thrill of flying without stressing about your safety - you’re in good hands.