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Photography Lessons – DSLR Camera for Beginners

With the help of these photography courses, you’ll become much more familiar with the inner workings of your DSLR camera. Not to mention, you’ll discover features you didn’t even know your camera had! And then, of course, there are all the techniques. Understand the exposure triangle: learn how lighting, aperture and ISO work together to tell your story. Composition essentials like the rule of thirds, negative space, balance and visual paths are also guidelines every good photographer should know. Your photography lesson will cover each of these topics in-depth!

Learn Different Types of Photography

Landscape photography, cityscape photography, food photography—not only are there different photography lessons for different skill levels, but these courses also cover different genres of the art form. One example is in Sydney, where your photography instructor will take you up to the top of Sydney Tower as sunrise to explore the dance between natural light patterns and manmade structures. 

A food photography lesson gives you all the ingredients to cook up some lip-smacking shots (earn some social media clout and maybe even land a few gigs). Learn how to shoot delectable dishes using natural light. Next, play with reflectors and become acquainted with artificial lighting techniques to bring out the different qualities in each dish.

Studio Photography Session – Take a Professional Photoshoot

And apart from the many photography lessons listed here, there are also a few top-notch studio photography sessions worth checking out. There’s nothing generic about these shoots. From stunning black-and-white portraitures to vividly-coloured family photo shoots (capturing subtle moments only a pro photographer’s eye could pick up on), these studio photography sessions provide you with a beautiful set that will remain a family treasure for generations.  

Learn Photography Today or Give a Lesson as a Gift!

A DSLR photography lesson is the perfect gift for the amateur photographer in your life. Take a class with that special someone! It’s a fantastic bonding experience. Moreover, it’s always interesting to see how different eyes look at the world in different ways. Book your class now!