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Porsche Driving

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The mental picture of owning or driving a Porsche conjures images of high performance and power, effortless style and the ultimate driving experience. 

These supreme German sports cars attract a loyal worldwide following for their movie-star glamour, sleek bodies and silky-smooth handling capabilities. 

High maintenance and fuel consumption costs won’t even come into play when you choose to drive the Porsche power, if only for a day. 

Champagne-taste motoring fanatics will toast their success when they choose a Porsche driving experience online at Adrenaline. 

The Porsche Drive Adventure, Full Day for 2 – Sydney package places power, choice and time at your command. 

This unforgettable driving experience for two, in the one vehicle or your selection from the impressive fleet, features a full day’s cruising on the scenic highways and byways for which these high-performance Porsche convertibles were designed.  

You’ll also stop for a delicious morning tea and gourmet lunch to savour the surrounds and luxurious experiential qualities before driving back to base point. 

There’s a host of Porsche driving experiences to choose from at Adrenaline. Simply jump online and reserve the package that suits you best. You could also order an Adrenaline gift voucher for your motoring enthusiast. Gift vouchers can be used to redeem Porsche driving or any of the 2500-plus experiences offered throughout Australia at Adrenaline. They are also valid for three years and you can receive your voucher by email or post.   

What is it like to take a Porsche on a racetrack?

For motor sports fans who aspire to greatness, taking control of a Porsche 911 or Boxter on the racetrack is an out of this world (and body) driving experience. 

The power, pace and handling capabilities of these dream driving machines is set to floor you while flooding your internal mechanisms with the highest sensory overload. 

How to properly drive a Porsche for the first time?

When you book a Porsche driving experience at Adrenaline, expertly trained Porsche driving instructors will show you how to maximise the potential of your finely tuned driving experience. 

You’ll receive all the knowledge required in proper cornering techniques, how to avoid skids and split-surface breaking. 

When you take control of the wheel of these masterful machines, your skill levels will match the calibre of these supreme vehicles, in style and substance. 

Is it safe to drive a Porsche?

When fully briefed and handled responsibly, driving a Porsche is not only designed for penultimate power and silken handling, but also for its luxurious comfort and safety features.

Listening intently to your Porsche driving instructor, asking pertinent questions prior to your driving experience and starting out slow, however contrary that concept might be with these super-sleek custom vehicles, is the only way to go.

You should approach your Porsche driving experience with confidence rather than trepidation. Your professional driving instructor will only release you and your individual vehicle once they are certain that your skill levels meet the high standards of these refined driving machines.

The advanced German engineering of your Porsche not also ensures one of the most fuel-efficient and finely tuned engines on the planet, but also that driver comfort, ease of handling and all safety equipment are best in class.