Skydiving Perth

Skydiving Perth

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Experienced Freefall Skydivers

With Adrenaline's skydiving packages, the experienced skydivers (known as sports jumpers) leave the aircraft first, leaping out of the plane in pairs or threes for their formation skydiving freefall. Then your tandem master will help you to the plane door - time for one last minute final OK and all of a sudden you'll be freefalling through thin air, skydiving over Perth!

Your First Tandem Skydive?

Tandem Skydiving in Perth offers all of the thrill of freefall skydiving without the months of training that it takes to become a skydiver. Your tandem skydive training involves the following steps:

  • A safety briefing for getting into the specially prepared skydiving aircraft
  • How to exit the aircraft and safely begin your tandem skydive
  • What to do with your arms when your tandem master pulls the parachute
  • How to steer the parachute rig whilst under canopy; What to do when you are coming in to land.

Your expert Tandem Master Instructor will tell you everything you need to know, making you relaxed and comfortable before your board the aircraft. Once on board, enjoy the atmosphere whilst you climb to jump height, as excited first timers and seasoned sports jumpers all prepare to Skydive over Perth!

The Adrenaline Rush

Even with all the training, nothing can prepare you for the Adrenaline rush when you reach jump altitude and the door slides open - the noise of the engines, the rush of wind and the excitement of the other jumpers makes for an exceptional experience - more Adrenaline than most ordinary people will experience in their entire lifetime!

Perth Skydiving Locations

There are a number of Perth Skydiving Locations:

  • York Skydive (1.5hr drive East of Perth)
  • Margaret River Skydive (3hr drive South of Perth, jump onto the beach!)
  • Perth City Skydive (take off at Jandakot land in Langley Park)