Skydiving Aldinga Beach

Skydiving Aldinga Beach

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Adelaide is a cultural and foodie haven for sightseers, but thrill seekers are also within close proximity of coastal skydiving experiences that place you in the heart of breathtaking beachside action and renowned wine regions. 

Only a 40-minute drive from the Adelaide CBD, Aldinga Beach is base point central for all your aerial and beach-loving pursuits. What’s more, this coastal hot spot is within reach of McLaren Vale’s sought-after wineries and trendy bars.  

With a facility-packed spectator zone that welcomes family and friends to share in the spirit of your tandem skydiving adventures, the essence of skydiving over Aldinga Beach creates a party atmosphere for all to rejoice in. 

Adrenaline offers the Skydiving 12,000-feet Coastal Skydive Aldinga Beach – Adelaide package online. 

The adrenaline rush of this unforgettable coastal skydive is beyond compare, particularly when coupled with the spectacular views over Aldinga, Port Willunga, Silver Sands, Sellicks Beach, the McLaren Vale wine region, the Adelaide CBD and Hills.    

An outdoor barbecue area, surf club, swimming beaches and walking cliffs make your Aldinga Beach drop zone a festive landing and meeting ground for all your nearest and dearest. 

Participants should be aware that tandem skydivers weighing over 90kg will attract additional surcharges, which are payable on the day. 

Please advise of weights exceeding 90kg at the time of booking your Aldinga Beach tandem skydiving experience online at Adrenaline. 

At the same time, you should also disclose if you suffer from heart-related medical conditions or epilepsy, in order to assess wellbeing suitability for the lifetime thrills in store of your skydiving event. 

Similarly, if you are pregnant or aged under 12 years of age, you will be excluded from any skydiving activity offered at Adrenaline, for health and safety reasons alone.

How long is a 12,000-feet skydive?

The total experiential duration of your Aldinga Beach 12,000-feet tandem skydive is up to 37 minutes. This includes registration, your 10-minute pre-activity training session, 20-minute scenic flight, the wild exhilaration of an up to 45-second free fall and floating for up to five minutes until you touch down at your powder-soft Aldinga Beach drop zone.   

Can you skydive alone?

You can only skydive alone once you have completed the nine stages of the Learn to Skydive Accelerated Free Fall Course, Stage 1 program at various locations throughout Australia, which is offered online at Adrenaline. 

The comprehensive technical and practical training program puts you through your skydiving paces with expert tuition, guidance and support. 

To obtain your internationally recognised A Licence, you must complete a minimum of 14 jumps, nine of which are comprised in the learn-to-skydive courses. 

Then you’ll be all systems go to take solo flight and also participate in further programs that help you achieve professional skydiving training status.  

Can you breathe while skydiving?

Skydiving encompasses breathless command beyond expectation, but your lungs will require a steady flow of oxygen to calm the nerves and ready the senses for the anticipatory thrills ahead. 

You not only can, but also definitely should breathe while taking part in skydiving. The air pressure might be reduced the higher you ascend, but taking a deep breath before taking the plunge of a lifetime from your 12,000 feet-high aircraft, which will be travelling at speeds of up to 220km per hour, will stand you in good stead for the unparalleled aerial pursuit of taking the skydiving leap.

Check out epic skydiving packages across Australia right here at Adrenaline, and book in an unforgettable experience.