Goolwa Skydiving

Goolwa Skydiving

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Check out our range of skydiving packages and have an experience like nothing else you could imagine. The good times are set to roll in Goolwa when you throw yourself into the high-flying action of a tandem skydiving event.

This coastal skydive adventure on the South Australian coastline is not only the most awesome experience you could encounter from an aerial and ground-height perspective, but also within close range of the Adelaide CBD.

Adrenaline offers an enticing range of Goolwa skydiving packages that provide the ultimate adrenaline rush at affordably priced daily specials.

You can choose to skydive at altitudes of between 9000 feet and 15,000 feet, with the priceless inclusion of breathtaking coastal scenery, high-flying aerial stunts and stunning drop zones on the soft sands of Basham Beach.

Skydivers should expect this lifetime experience to comprise a total of four hours, with about 70 minutes of travel time from Adelaide.

So without further delay, jump online and book all your skydiving Goolwa packages at Adrenaline. You can also purchase an Adrenaline gift voucher for redeeming all of the experiences on offer. Vouchers make for the perfect gift for the thrill seeker in your life. Not only are they valid for three years, but can also be instantly emailed to the recipient or sent via post.

How do you prepare for a tandem skydive?

You should firstly get a good night’s sleep the night before your exhilarating event and please abstain from drinking excessively.

Skydivers should aim to arrive on time, feeling refreshed and lightly fuelled on a healthy, nutritious breakfast.

Don’t forget to bring confirmation of your Adrenaline booking for tandem skydiving over Goolwa and all of the 2500-plus adventures offered on land, water and in the air.

Skydiving is a weight-based activity and participants who weigh over 90kg and up to 112kg will be required to pay an additional surcharge to their tour operator on the day.

If you have any questions following confirmation of your skydiving event, please contact your skydiving company prior to your aerial experience.

They will answer every query you might have and also assist in providing this highly recommended exercise in the ultimate gravity-defying exhilaration.

What should I wear for first time skydiving?

You should feel comfortable in your approach and attire when taking part in skydiving for the first time and at all others.

It is advisable to wear loose, casual clothing that can comfortably accommodate the extra layer of your skydiving suit and goggles. You are requested to wear socks and enclosed footwear, such as soft-soled runners, and also to bring sunglasses and a hat for your scenic flight and at ground level.

Applying plenty of broad-spectrum sunscreen is always prudent in averting UV rays while high in the sky.

Don’t forget to also pack your camera for scenic shots and to document your unforgettable day in visual memories to treasure.

How do you land when you skydive?

You’ll be landing on your own two feet in professional style when you take part in an Adrenaline skydiving event.

Your professional tandem skydiving instructor will be safely harnessed to you every step of the way.

They will pull the parachute cord after your exhilarating tandem free-fall event of up to 60 or even 70 seconds of sheer exhilarating self-empowerment.

Then the two of you will float blissfully like birds to your beach or green-fields drop zone. If yours is an independent spirit and you yearn to learn all the skydiving manoeuvres, your tandem master can show you the ropes in how to steer yourself and your learned teacher into landing position.