Langhorne Creek Skydiving

Langhorne Creek Skydiving

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Langhorne Creek is a magical destination for wine lovers and sightseers. This picturesque South Australian wine region, located in the spectacular Fleurieu Peninsula, is renowned for its fifth-generation winemaking history and naturally breathtaking sights.

The rich abundance of the region’s unique wonders is also less than an hour’s drive south of Adelaide.

You can enhance its scope from an aerial perspective with Adrenaline’s offer of the Skydiving Langhorne Creek Wine Region – Tandem Skydive 12,000 Feet – Adelaide experience.

Absorb spectacular views of Lake Alexandrina and the full spectrum of the vineyard-dotted Langhorne Creek wine region, as well as Coorong and the Murray Mouth, on board your scenic flight.

You should feel free to invite all your family and friends to view your impressive aerial skills and landing style. The Langhorne Creek drop zone is made for festive fun, with an undercover viewing area, BBQ facilities, children’s playground and even an on-site liquor licence for celebratory drinks to toast your event of a lifetime.

A professional photography and video package is also available to purchase on the day.

How long is a 12,000-feet skydive?

When you consider the full scope of the skydiving experience, your 12,000-feet Langhorne Creek skydive begins with registration and pre-flight training of around 10 minutes. Next, you’ll be suited up in regulation skydiving attire and take to the skies for your 20-minute scenic flight. The heart-rending exhilaration of your free fall will comprise an insane up to 45 seconds, but before long, your tandem master will pull the parachute cord and you’ll both float blissfully under canopy for five-to-six minutes. By the time your feet touch the ground at your Langhorne Creek drop zone and the post-experience adrenaline sets in, the total timing for your skydiving adventure will encompass up to 36 minutes.

What age can you skydive?

Tandem skydivers at Langhorne Creek can start as young as 14 years old, if their adventurous spirits rise to the challenge and occasion. If skydivers are aged between 14 and 18 years of age, they will require a consenting parent or guardian in attendance on the day to sign paperwork.

This is a legal formality, but in no way hampers the unforgettable rite of passage that tandem skydiving provides for the young and young at heart. The minimum age for skydivers and all others are always assured of the safest and most unforgettable experience in each and every Australia-wide skydiving event offered online at Adrenaline.

There are 2500-plus adventure activities in the Adrenaline repertoire and they are all conducted by leading tour operators in their fields of specialty.

Is there a weight limit for skydiving?

There are weight restrictions for skydiving and these must be carefully balanced in order to maintain maximum safety and exhilaration levels.

The maximum weight for tandem skydiving over the Langhorne Creek wine region is 112kg and skydivers who weight between 90kg and 112kg should advise Adrenaline at the time of booking their event online. Surcharges will apply for weights between this range and are payable to the tour provider on the day.

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