McLaren Vale Skydiving

McLaren Vale Skydiving

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Skydiving is an incredible, unforgettable experience, and you can find a huge range of jumps across Australia here at Adrenaline. When South Australia springs to mind, discerning sightseers turn their attention and noses to world-renowned wine regions of premium reds.

Thrill seekers might be surprised to learn that breathtaking coastlines are often within reach of coveted wine country. The best way to gain a panoramic scope of the big picture is undoubtedly to found 14,000 feet off the ground, in a skydiving activity.

Your wild post-experience adrenaline rush can easily be assuaged and celebrated with a glass of wine from the premium wine region of McLaren Vale and beyond.

Adrenaline combines this taste for adventure and limited edition vintages to savour in a range of tandem skydiving events.

Skydive 14,000 Feet Over McLaren Vale Adelaide will see you landing in a custom-created vineyard gardens drop zone and absorbing all the sky-high sights of McLaren Vale, the spectacular Fleurieu Peninsula and surroundings.

This breathtaking beach and wine region destination is also less than a 40-minute drive from the Adelaide CBD.

How long do you free fall from 14,000 feet?

Your insane 60 seconds of free fall are bound to epitomise the maddest minute of your life, but also the most unforgettable moments.

From go to whoa, the entire skydiving experience when taking the plunge from up to 14,000 feet high will last less than an hour.

This includes your registration, 15-minute training and safety briefing and 20-minute scenic flight before taking your heart-pounding tandem free fall.

You’ll descend several thousand feet in those wild 60 seconds, but then your tandem master will reassuringly pull the parachute cord and you’ll both float under canopy for up to six minutes before your feet touch the powder-soft sands at your McLaren Vale skydiving beach drop zone.

Do you get that feeling in your stomach when you skydive?

Defying gravity is always guaranteed to unsettle the nerves and unleash butterflies in the stomach. In terms of taking the plunge at 14,000-feet high from your aircraft, which will be travelling at speeds of up to 220km per hour, nothing comes close in wildly nervous energy levels and self-propelled exhilaration than the experience of skydiving.

You should expect to feel cold sweats, heart palpitations, anxious tremors, the highest excitement levels, or all of the above.

But the personal rewards are as infinite as they will be immense when you finally take the plunge in an expertly conducted tandem skydive, safely harnessed to your skydiving instructor, who will not only put your mind at ease, but help to embellish this skydive experience of a lifetime.

Why skydive at the beach?

There’s simply no finer destination than skydiving over the coastline with an inviting beach drop zone to not only remove you from your comfort zone, but also set your nerves alive.

Skydiving at the beach is as close as mere mortals can aspire to the edge of nature and the sensation of feeling at one with the gods of the sea while flying high above with the birds, like a magical winged creature gracing the world below with their aerial marvels.

Beach-based drop zones are also the perfect meeting point for all your family and friends. Designated viewing theatres set in spectacular coastal surrounds mean sky-high marvelling and beach-going fun can be achieved in one.

Skydiving over McLaren Vale will see you landing in a vineyard gardens setting, which is in the thick of the wine country action, but also within easy access of the Fleurieu Peninsula’s spectacular coastline.

You could also choose to venture by ferry to the natural wonders of Kangaroo Island, with its rich and abundant reputation for fine wine and gourmet produce.