Skydiving Middleton Beach

Skydiving Middleton Beach

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South Australians are spoilt for choice in sightseeing and adventurous pursuits, with close proximity to beautiful beaches, stunning coastline and world-renowned wine regions just a stone’s throw from the Adelaide CBD.

Set you sights sky high with the breathtaking aerial experience of tandem skydiving over a range of spectacular coastal destinations, with inviting beach drop zones to sink your feet into.

Middleton Beach is the base for all your fun-filled ground-height and aerial thrill-seeking events. The main entry point to Middleton is at Goolwa Beach, which is 11km northwest of the Murray River Mouth. There is even 4WD access directly onto the fine snow-white sands.

Once you arrive, you’ll realise why this family-friendly recreational region makes for an unforgettable day out.

Beach or grass airport landings, determined by the weather and rides, are on offer to aerialists. There is also a purpose-built viewing theatre for skydiving events; free BBQ area, complimentary tea and coffee (from the kitchen facilities); and there’s even a designated kids’ zone, which provides free arcade video games for the young and young at heart.

Adrenaline puts you within reach of this enticing scenario for fun-filled group gatherings with Skydiving 12,000 Feet Coastal Skydive Middleton Beach – Goolwa Adelaide. 

You’ll capture spectacular views of Goolwa, Middleton, Port Eliot, Victor Harbour and the Murray Mouth on board your 20-minute scenic flight. Following your lightning-paced free fall, revel in your five-minute parachute ride as you float to ground like a weightless winged creature of flight.  

After you touch down on the powder-soft sands of Middleton, let your post-experience adrenaline rush and family and friends carry you away in the spirit of celebration.

You can book this package and order an Adrenaline gift voucher to redeem Skydiving 12,000 Feet Over Middleton Beach, or any of the 2500-plus land, air and water-based adventures offered throughout Australia. Gift vouchers are valid for three years, can be instantly emailed or sent via post.  

How much does it cost to do a tandem skydive?

Prices for Skydiving 12,000 Feet Coastal Skydive Middleton Beach – Goolwa Adelaide start from $387 per person.

Please be advised that weights exceeding 90kg attract additional surcharges, which are payable on the day to your tour provider. Otherwise, all other costs are covered in this Adrenaline tandem skydiving package, including your Australian Parachute Federation levy.

Is a tandem skydive safe?

A tandem skydive might entail a daredevil-worthy feat of mind-numbing, fear-conquering thrill seeking, but the expert tour operators of your Middleton Beach skydiving event and all others offered at Adrenaline are leading skydiving companies in their field. Not only this, but the tandem masters at Middleton Beach have been hand-selected for their invaluable experience levels, attention to detail, reassuring and easy-going nature.  Your safety is not only paramount, but also guaranteed, with comprehensive pre-safety training and last-minute checks of all equipment and your acquired knowledge before taking the tandem leap of your life. 

How long do you free fall when skydiving?

The length of free fall time depends entirely on the altitude from which you descend. For a 12,000 feet tandem skydive over Middleton Beach, for example, your life-changing free fall from your aircraft, which will be travelling at speeds of up to 220km per hour, will comprise up to 45 seconds in duration. For skydives between 14,000 feet and 15,000 feet, you can add on another insane-making 15 seconds to the free fall equation. Either way, you are bound to experience a heart-pounding, nerve-wracking and spiritually freeing descent of between 7000 feet and 10,000 feet during this ultimate adrenaline rush in the overall skydiving encounter.

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