Skydiving Canberra

Skydiving Canberra

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When you book online at Adrenaline, you can choose from a range of midweek and weekend skydiving packages that take in Canberra’s aerial splendour and beyond. 

Adrenaline offers this distinct possibility in budget-priced tandem skydiving experiences from your base in Goulburn, within the Southern Tablelands, which is only an hour’s drive from the Canberra CBD. 

You could also order an Adrenaline gift voucher for that thrill-seeker who has it all. Gift vouchers are valid for three years and can be used to purchase skydiving activities or any one of the 2500-plus air, water and land-based adventures on offer at Adrenaline.  

What makes Canberra a special place to skydive?

You can put Parliament House, Lake Burley Griffin, the Canberra city skyline and surrounding countryside in the picture with a tandem skydiving experience. 

The Southern Tablelands is a blissfully bucolic base from which to absorb all the breathtaking scenery of the national capital and further afield. 

It’s also only a hop, skip and jump away from the Canberra CBD.   

This tandem skydiving experience also involves a scenic flight on board the country’s most powerful twin turbine aircraft, for even more full- throttle excitement in the skies. 

Who would love a skydiving experience in Canberra?

Anyone who craves fresh and exciting experiences while challenging their inner daredevil would thrill to a tandem skydiving experience

If you are aged 12 years and above, possess a clean bill of health, are not pregnant and weigh less than 110kg, then you can feel the rush of plunging from 15,000 feet in their air in this amazing experience.  

What should I know before taking the plunge and skydiving in Canberra?

Firstly, you should be aware that tandem skydiving is a weather-dependent event. Terms and conditions apply, but rest assured that your day to shine will reflect the conditions at the next available opportunity. 

Once it is all systems go, you should fuel up on a light, healthy breakfast on the morning of your skydiving activity.

You should arrive early, bright eyed and bushy tailed, wearing loose, comfortable clothing and lightweight, enclosed footwear.   

Don’t forget to bring sunglasses and apply sunscreen for the big event and, last but not least, provide confirmation of your Adrenaline tandem skydiving booking and personal ID for registration. 

This activity also requires that you pay a nominal fee on the day for your Australian Parachute Federation levy. 

What is best part of a skydiving experience in Canberra?

Once you’re on board your 20-minute scenic flight, you’ll be convinced that the view from above is the highlight of this penultimate experience. 

But then you will take the plunge at 15,000 feet high from your aircraft, which will be powering at speeds of up to 200km per hour. 

Brace yourself: the insane up to 60-second free fall is the rush of a lifetime. You’ll be safely harnessed to your tandem instructor who will pull the chute at around 4500 feet as you both float like birds under canopy for up to seven unmatched minutes. 

While you absorb the CBD skyline, pristine architecturally designed and natural landscape, you will surely believe that this is the best part of the tandem skydiving experience. 

Your drop zone, amid the lush greenery of the Southern Tablelands, will be the softest and most exhilarating landing you can achieve on two feet. But your head will remain the clouds long after the experience is done, inciting an irrepressible urge to relive it all over again. 

You could also choose to purchase a video and photo package of yourself in high-flying action on the day.  

There is even a licensed bar and on-site restaurant at your Goulburn drop zone, for you, your family and all the gang to soak up the experience afterwards. 

Is the skydiving in Canberra experiences safe?

Skydiving from your Canberra departure point and at any location throughout Australia is as safe as is superhumanly possible. 

Adrenaline enlists the expert services of only the best skydiving operators in their field. Many tandem masters have achieved championship status and this shows in the winning ways they conduct this exhilarating experience: with maximum safety, attention to detail and an emphasis on pure, adrenaline-charged fun.