Skydiving Barwon Heads

Skydiving Barwon Heads

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The only other site adventure-lovers should have in full view is Adrenaline online. 

With more than 12 years’ experience in offering 2500-plus thrilling land, water and air-based experiences, Adrenaline can put you within reach of the elevated realm of skydiving over the Great Ocean Road, departing from Barwon Heads. 

You can choose from weekend or weekday packages for tandem skydiving, from 12,000 feet to 15,000 feet, over the world-famous Great Ocean Road, with its endlessly undulating coastal-flanked highway and the heritage-listed Twelve Apostles.   

What can I expect from skydiving in Barwon Heads?

Apart from the big-picture view of scaling high above the Great Ocean Road, your spectacular scenic flight alone will also take in breathtaking views of the world-famous Bells Beach, Port Phillip Bay and beyond to the Melbourne CBD. 

The expert crew at Skydive Australia will help to ensure a seamless, safe, fun and friendly experience to cherish. 

Once you plunge from your aircraft, travelling at speeds of up to 220km per hour, you will experience a heart-pounding free fall for an insane up to 60 seconds. 

Have no fear: you’ll be safely harnessed to your professional tandem instructor, who will pull the chute with up to eight minutes of floating time, which is more than enough to absorb the blue-sky, azure-sea and coastal landscape scenery.   

How long does skydiving in Barwon Heads take?

If you’re embarking on a 15,000 feet tandem skydive activity over the Great Ocean Road, departing from Barwon Heads Airport, the total experiential duration will be about 45 minutes. 

This takes into account the 10-15-minute safety briefing, 20-minute scenic flight, 60 seconds of free fall and up to eight minutes of floating high in the sky before touching base at your airfields drop zone. 

But you should also allow a little extra time for arrival, registration and departure times. 

Can I bring friends and family skydiving in Barwon Heads?

Friends and family are highly welcome to attend your tandem skydiving experience in Barwon Heads. 

The wide-open spaces of the designated drop zone are ideal for inspiring a united spirit of relaxed fun and post-event celebrations. 

Is skydiving on Barwon Heads expensive?

Skydiving Great Ocean Road (Barwon Heads) Tandem Skydive activities are surprisingly affordable, for weekday and weekend packages, when you book online at Adrenaline. 

All costs are covered in the package price, including your Australian Parachute Federation levy. 

The only excess may be for weight restrictions. If you weigh between 95kg and 105kg, you will be required to pay a surcharge on the day of your Barwon Heads tandem skydiving experience. 

Photo and video packages are also available for you to purchase at your Barwon Heads drop zone. 

Who would most enjoy a Barwon Heads skydiving experience? 

Any free spirit who craves fresh adventure and new challenges would thrill to a Barwon Heads skydiving experience. 

Children as young as 16 years old have taken to the skies for tandem skydiving over the Great Ocean Road and other destinations throughout Australia. 

Young high fliers (from 16 to 18 years old) must bring a parent or legal guardian along to sign paperwork on the day. 

The only people not suited to a tandem skydiving activity are those who have a history of heart conditions, epilepsy, or who are pregnant. 

Otherwise, it will be all systems go for unforgettable memory making and an adrenaline rush to match, when you book a Barwon Heads tandem skydiving package at Adrenaline online.