Melbourne Skydiving

Melbourne Skydiving

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The softest landing is always assured when you book a skydiving activity online with Adrenaline, yet the experience will be hard-wired in your mind, inciting a rush to relive this unforgettable accomplishment.

Where is the best place in Melbourne to skydive?

Melbourne is spoilt for choice when it comes to spectacular natural settings. When you book a sky-high Melbourne experience, you can choose from breathtaking drop zones encompassing beach and city skydiving.

Melburnians can take their pick of spectacular locations upon which to descend. There’s the world-famous St Kilda Beach and spectacular Great Ocean Road to the rural panorama of the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula.  

Adrenaline offers an endless range of weekend and midweek packages at highly appealing prices, from learn to skydive experiences and tandem jumps for beginners or more adept skydivers.

All Melbourne skydiving experiences include master tuition, a full safety briefing, all the requisite gear and equipment and your Australian Parachute Foundation Levy. There is also the option for skydivers to purchase video or photo packages for you, your family and friends to relive the life-changing event over and over again.

Gift vouchers from Adrenaline can also be used to purchase skydiving packages and more than 2500 exhilarating experiences on offer.

When is the best time to go skydiving?

Skydiving in warmer climates is always recommended as temperatures can plummet the higher you ascend.

Your aim is to be temperately comfortable so, as a result, summer, spring and early season in autumn are preferably the best times to book your skydiving adventure.  

What should I know before skydiving in Melbourne?

First and foremost, you should feel confident and completely secure with Adrenaline's skydiving experiences.

Adrenaline enlists the services of only the most qualified professionals in the field of skydiving and all others.  

Skydivers must be aged from 12 years and above for a tandem jump, must not be pregnant or at risk of heart conditions and possess reasonable fitness levels.

There are also weight restrictions, and surcharges may apply, so please advise at the time of booking if you are 95 kilograms or above. The maximum weight for skydivers is 110kg.

Is Melbourne skydiving safe?

Skydiving in Melbourne and every location throughout Australia is always conducted with the highest safety standards when you book online with Adrenaline.

Complete and reassuring safety briefings in one-on-one expert instruction is part and parcel of every skydiving package.

Highly qualified skydiving instructors are with you every step of the way in your tandem jumps of pure, breathtaking brilliance.

What does free fall in Melbourne feel like?

The thrill of freefalling in Melbourne is an unmatched exercise in the ultimate sensory rush.

You will forever raise the bar in conquering your most innate inner fears. The insane 60-second free fall is highly likely to induce a soul-soaring thrill that combines equal parts anxiety and exhilaration. The sum of its parts results in unforgettable, adrenaline-charged excitement.