Skydiving St Kilda

Skydiving St Kilda

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Adrenaline offers a range of packages for midweek or weekend tandem skydiving at 15,000 feet high. So jump straight in: book the adventure of a lifetime and set your spirit soaring in St Kilda and all skydiving experiences throughout Australia

What makes Melbourne the best place to skydive?

The Victorian capital has it all: a striking city skyline, flanked by breathtaking coastal expanses, picturesque wine regions and a lush rural landscape. 

This merges to make Skydiving in Melbourne an unforgettable scenic affair from up high and equally so when your feet touch base amid the buzz of St Kilda Beach. 

What can I expect from a skydiving experience in St Kilda?

You’ll be nervous, shaky and your heart will be racing as you board your 20-minute scenic flight. But any pre-skydive jitters will soon ease, given the expert, one-on-one tuition and down time to soak up the spectacular coastal and city vista. 

Then it’s your moment to shine as you plunge forth from your fast-moving aircraft at 15,000 feet high, reassuringly strapped to your master instructor. The ultimate thrill of the 60-second free fall will astound the nerves and awaken the senses as you float like a seagull for up to seven minutes to your inviting beach drop zone at St Kilda Marina. 

What should I bring to my St Kilda skydiving experience?

You should always bring your best and most confident attitude, coupled with a free spirit for unlimited adventure. 

On the technical side, you must also show confirmation of your Adrenaline skydiving activity and bring personal ID for registration. 

If you are embarking on a skydiving experience in St Kilda, and are aged between 12 and 18 years, please note that a parent or legal guardian will be required to sign paperwork on the day. 

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and enclosed footwear that is free from heavy soles, hooks and buckles. You should also bring sunglasses and a camera for your scenic flight and apply sunscreen for the breathtaking plunge, free fall and float to your blissful St Kilda Beach drop zone. 

Can I have spectators for the skydiving St Kilda experience?

The first-rate facilities at St Kilda Marina are made for family fun in the sun. Invite the whole gang to watch your aerial acrobatics up in the sky. They are sure to wave you in and embrace you afterwards with equal fervour for the experience to match your own. 

Is St Kilda skydiving safe?

Tandem skydiving in St Kilda is as safe as you can possibly imagine. Adrenaline enlists the services of only the most experienced skydiving operators.

You will receive a full safety briefing upon arrival and encouraging, one-on-one tuition all the way up and down. Your tandem instructor will be with you every step of the way and once you have both exited the plane, travelling at speeds of up to 200 km per hour, you will be safely harnessed to your tandem master for an exhilarating 60 seconds of life-changing free fall. 

Breathe deeply. You can relax now and absorb the beach and city vista as you float back to ground for the most time-defying seven minutes of your life. Your skydiving instructor will even show you the fine art of steering and how to deftly manoeuvre aerial feats of brilliance as you approach your drop zone, in full view of family and friends. 

You’ll never want the experience to end; such is the ultimate and unforgettable thrill of a tandem skydiving activity in St Kilda.