Skydiving Cairns

Skydiving Cairns

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Step outside your comfort zone and take in the spectacular views when you choose from a range of skydiving packages in Cairns city, Mission Beach and half-day trips to Innisfail, from 7000 feet to 15,000 feet high, offered online at Adrenaline.  

You can also purchase gift vouchers from Adrenaline for thrill-seeking recipient to redeem for tandem skydiving in Cairns and the more than 2500 exhilarating experiences, Australia wide, on land, water and up in the air. 

Adrenaline vouchers are valid for three years and can be emailed or sent via post. 

What to wear skydiving in Cairns?

The temperature will undoubtedly be invitingly warm on any given day. So wear loose, lightweight clothing and equally comfortable, enclosed footwear. 

Don’t forget your sunglasses to wear for glare on your plane ride and apply plenty of SPF to avoid getting sunburnt on your jump to ground. 

What should I do the night before skydiving in Cairns?

Gain as many hours of shut-eye as is required to fully energise your mind, body and senses for tandem skydiving, high above tropical Cairns. 

Importantly, abstain from drinking or consuming recreational substances the night before jump day. 

What are the jump restrictions for my skydiving experience in Cairns?

On your half-day Skydiving Cairns to Innisfail or Tandem Skydiving Cairns city adventures, you can choose between jump restrictions of 7000 feet or up to 14,000 feet high. 

For the spectacular Skydiving Cairns Mission Beach Tandem Skydive, high fliers can also choose between 7000 feet and up to 14,000 feet altitudes. 

You will also receive free return transfers from your Cairns accommodation to Mission Beach, where your skydiving drop zone will be on the golden Mission Beach sands.

A souvenir certificate will accompany this amazing experience, to prove to yourself and others that you lived the skydiving dream.

You also have the option to purchase a priceless video and packages of yourself in sky-drifting and landing mode on the day.

Otherwise, every other cost is covered in the Adrenaline price package, including your Australian Parachute Federation levy.

You’ll absorb a breathtaking panorama of the Great Barrier Reef, rainforest, tropical islands, sky-blue ocean and white-sand beaches on board your 20-minute scenic flight.     

The expert skydive company will have you floating on Cloud Nine as you and your tandem instructor exit the plane, travelling at speeds of up to 200km per hour. Your insane 60-second free fall provides an unforgettable heart-in-mouth moment. 

You'll tandem skydive high above this dazzling tropical paradise for up to seven minutes before touching down at your Mission Beach drop zone. 

Understandably, places for this bucket-list destination and event fill quickly, so bookings are essential. Simply head to Adrenaline and reserve all your Cairns tandem skydiving activities online. 

What do I need to know on the day of the skydive in Cairns?

You should check the weather conditions first and foremost, as tandem skydiving in Cairns depends upon pristine skies. All activities will be postponed if necessary. 

Enjoy a light, healthy breakfast and you’ll be refreshed and raring to go.

Don't forget to take your booking confirmation and personal ID for registration. 

Who can I bring to my skydiving experience in Cairns?

Bring all your family and friends to marvel at your high-flying and beach-landing stunts.

You're sure to want to celebrate together and soak up the pristine coastal surrounds with a picnic, beach swim and toast to achieving personal highs.

Check out epic skydiving packages across Australia right here at Adrenaline, and book in an unforgettable experience.