Skydiving Gold Coast

Skydiving Gold Coast

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The scope and variety of tandem skydiving packages over the Gold Coast amounts to unlimited exhilaration levels in one low-cost, yet ultimately high-spirited, adventure. 

Skydiving is the personal thrill-seeking achievement to surpass all others. You will not only conquer inner fears and remove yourself completely from your comfort zone, but you will also embrace the most adrenaline-charged feat of self-propelled accomplishment you could envisage. 

In addition, you’ll also meet and warmly remember other like-minded tandem skydivers and the most encouraging instructors.     

What is the one thing you must never do when skydiving?

There’s several crucial points that skydivers should always follow to maintain the maximum safety and enjoyment factor. 

The first step is to never exit the aircraft without comprehending all of the emergency procedures, which will be fully covered in the professional tuition prior to your skydive. 

The second important point is to always check your skydiving equipment before free falling from your plane. 

Your tandem master will ensure that you are fully aware of all essential information and that conditions, equipment and participant comprehension are in complete alignment. 

So have the time of your life, and you will, but it’s essential prior to your flight, on board, and importantly after you both take the plunge and come in to land, to look, listen and learn at all times. 

Can you wear jeans skydiving?

Wearing jeans for skydiving is not only acceptable, it is also highly recommended. A thin covering on the legs for wearing under your skydiving suit doubles up on protecting the body from any breezy conditions while up to 12,000 feet high in the sky. 

Skydivers should also wear enclosed footwear and also bring a hat and sunglasses for avoiding glare on your scenic flight. You are advised to apply plenty of broad spectrum SPF to avoid UVA and UVB rays. 

It’s also highly important to provide a record of your Adrenaline booking confirmation on the day.  

Where can I go skydiving cheaply in Gold Coast?

You can take part in the Gold Coast’s number one skydiving activity by booking the Skydiving Gold Coast Beach Tandem Skydive 12,000 Feet experience online at Adrenaline. 

This coastal skydive, with its spectacular beach drop zone, is not only brilliantly priced to include complimentary transfers from your Gold Coast accommodation and your Australian Parachute Federation levy, but is also the easiest way to achieve breathtaking scenic heights, an insane free fall and floating over the natural splendours and beyond to the Surfers Paradise skyline.   

Your free fall encompasses the ultimate thrill of a lifetime in plunging 7500 feet in 45 seconds after exiting the plane, travelling at speeds of up to 200km per hour, from 12,000 feet high. 

The parachute will be deployed at around 4500 feet above ground and your tandem master will also show you how to guide your landing style and direction onto your golden-sand beach drop zone. 

Absorb the spectacular coastal setting and your milestone achievement as you drift for a full five minutes back to reality, forever elevated by the unforgettable experience. 

Invite the gang along to cheer you on and join in the post-event celebrations. You’re bound to be abuzz and grinning from ear to ear for weeks if not months to follow. Skydiving experiences are unbeatable and unforgettable.