Skydiving Noosa

Skydiving Noosa

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Clearly, the only way is up if your aim is to view Noosa’s aerial splendour with an adrenaline charge that leaves all other high-flying adventures in the shade. 

The answer, of course, is a tandem-skydiving experience and the site to book and absorb the sights’ highlights is Adrenaline online. 

What can I expect from skydiving in Noosa?

You should firstly expect to be blown away by the breathtaking coastal panorama from up to 15,000 feet high. 

Your 25-minute scenic flight alone will show off the region’s world-famous splendour in a joy ride to raise excitement levels for your air-bound leap of a lifetime. 

You will be in mild to moderate panic mode and totally removed from your comfort zone before jumping out of your plane, which will be travelling at speeds of up to 220km per hour. 

The insane 60-second free fall into the air is the ultimate thrill in heart-racing terror. 

But don’t worry: your tandem master from Skydive Australia has your back. The chute will be released at around 5000 feet and you will both float safely harnessed together to your stunning Coolum Beach drop zone. 

The powder-soft sands and sparkling azure seas are the perfect touch point to conclude this unforgettable experience of high-flying exhilaration   

How long does skydiving in Noosa take?

From go to whoa, if you’re taking into account the complete experience of tandem skydiving over Noosa, you’re looking at a maximum of 48 minutes. 

When you add it up, this includes the 10-15-minute safety briefing, 25-minute flight, 60-second free fall and five -to-seven-minute glide to ground. 

Can I bring friends and family skydiving in Noosa?

That’s an emphatic “yes”. Your family and friends will not only thrill to the sight of your landing style, but also immerse themselves in the spectacular beach setting at Coolum. 

Is skydiving over Noosa expensive?

For the world-renowned setting of this stunning coastal drawcard, it’s surprising just how affordable a tandem skydiving over Noosa truly is. 

Adrenaline offers the choice of weekday special or weekend packages and all costs are covered in your tandem jump, including your Australian Parachute Federation levy. 

Packages for tandem skydives include free return transfers from most accessible locations. 

Bookings are essential, so don’t forget to get in early and book your tandem skydiving experience over Noosa online at Adrenaline — as allocation quickly fills at this premium skydiving destination. 

You can also purchase video and photo packages of your tandem jump to revel in your high-flying glory after the big event. 

Who would most enjoy a Noosa skydiving experience? 

Beach goers and thrill seekers alike would jump at the chance of a tandem jump high over the Noosa skyline. 

Skydivers don’t have to be world-class athletes, but they cannot possess a history of heart conditions, epilepsy or be pregnant. 

If you are aged between 12 and 18 years old, you must have a parent or legal guardian in attendance to sign paperwork on the day. 

Bring your booking confirmation along with a sense of unbridled adventure.