Skydiving Rainbow Beach

Skydiving Rainbow Beach

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Skydiving Rainbow Beach Fraser Coast – Up To 15,000 Feet Tandem Skydive provides the free fall of a lifetime, for first-timers and experienced tandem skydivers. Plunge, descend and drifting over Coolum Beach and beyond provides some of the most spectacular coastal scenery on offer in Australia.

Adrenaline offers a low-price guarantee for skydiving over Rainbow Beach and all of the 2500-plus experiences in the air, on land and water offered throughout Australia.

You could also purchase an Adrenaline gift voucher online to redeem skydiving Rainbow Beach or any of the exhilarating experiences.

Gift vouchers are valid for three years, can be instantly emailed to the recipient or sent by post.    

Is there a good skydiving facility in Rainbow Beach?

Skydive Fraser Island takes care of business when you are having the sky-high time of your life. 

Safety is paramount to this established operation, in terms of pristine weather conditions, individual self-confidence and comfort levels.

Skydive Fraser Island always put the client first so they can experience the ultimate tandem skydiving adventure, with views to match.  

What should I wear for first-time skydiving?

You should feel comfortable in attitude and attire for your first-time skydiving event. Loose, weather-suitable clothing and enclosed footwear is advised. Avoid wearing heavy-soled shoes with hooks, buckles or intricate laces. 

Your aim is to feel as light as your gravity-defying experience of diving into the air up to 15,000 feet high from an aircraft travelling at speeds of up to 200km per hour will allow for. 

You’ll hurtle 9000 feet in the air during your insane up-to-60 second free fall. But don’t worry; your tandem master will pull the cord at around 5000 feet above sea level and you’ll float on a cushion of air with your head in the clouds for up to five minutes before touching down on your spectacular beach drop zone. 

Can you breathe while skydiving?

Your skydiving Rainbow Beach experience is breathtaking, but that doesn’t mean you should stop inhaling and exhaling, and preferably both, simultaneously. 

Breathing is not only recommended, it’s also essential to the cause, process and fine art of skydiving.

Though your nerves might be racing and heart palpitating prior to your tandem skydive experience, it’s important to take a deep breath, muster all your inner reserves of courage, optimism and endurance, and take the plunge of a lifetime.