Skydiving Sunshine Coast

Skydiving Sunshine Coast

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There is a wide range of affordable skydiving packages on offer at Adrenaline to suit tandem skydivers as young as 16 years old. 

Adrenaline also provides gift vouchers for you to order online. Valid for three years, Adrenaline gift vouchers can be purchased for the recipient to redeem skydiving Sunshine Coast events and the 2500-plus experiences on offer Australia wide. 

How high can you skydive?

You can skydive as high as 15,000 feet in the air, which is the maximum altitude for tandem skydiving in Australia. 

Skydiving Sunshine Coast Caloundra – Tandem Skydive 15000 Feet can be purchased for weekday or weekend events at terrific prices. 

Adrenaline’s low-cost guarantee and other regular specials ensure that skydiving over the Sunshine Coast with the most will embrace not only stunning views and exhilarating thrills, but are also offered at down-to-earth prices. 

Your Australian Parachute Federation levy is also covered in the package cost. 

From 15,000 feet high over Caloundra and surrounding coastline, you will be exiting the plane, which will be travelling at speeds of up to 200 km per hour. 

Your insane free fall of up to 60 seconds is a life-altering event that is matched by the punctuation of your tandem master pulling the parachute cord at around 5000 feet above sea level. 

You’ll both float like birds over paradise for up to seven minutes before coming in to land at your spectacular Caloundra Beach drop zone.   

How to pick a good skydiving centre?

You can’t go past a trusted name and this is usually derived from reliable word of mouth. 

Experience shows in every professional pursuit, much like the fine art of skydiving, which requires an expert approach towards tuition, personal guidance, safety measures and exhilaration levels. 

Adrenaline enlists the services of only the most professional skydiving operators and centres. With more than 12 years’ experience in offering 2500-plus adventure activities on land, water and high in the sky, Adrenaline places all participants in the safe hands of premium tour guides and operations. 

When you book skydiving Sunshine Coast packages online at Adrenaline, you can be assured of not only the safest experience possible, but also one of the most unforgettable.   

Your professional tandem master will be with you every step of the way on your skydiving Sunshine Coast adventure. 

Why is there a weight limit for skydiving?

Skydiving is a precision art form requiring perfect balance, both on board and when you take the plunge.

For this reason, total weights for tandem jumps are crucial to the safety and enjoyment levels of all participants, much like the group weighting ascertained for a helicopter or hot air balloon ride.

The weight restriction for tandem skydiving over the Sunshine Coast is 100kg, so please advise at the time of purchasing your event if you weigh between 95kg and 100kg. Surcharges are applicable for weights within this range and are payable on the day.

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