Skydiving Goolwa

Skydiving Goolwa

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A coastal skydive from your Adelaide beach base is infinitely achievable in Goolwa. This scenic expanse of white sands and azure seas is the perfect point from which to embark on tandem skydiving and all other sky-high adventures. 

Adrenaline offers an impressive range of Skydiving Goolwa packages, from jump altitudes of 9000 feet, 12,000 feet or 15,000 feet. 

You can take your pick from Basham or Middleton Beach locations, but both provide the ultimate in high-flying, gravity-defying scenic splendours and powder-soft beach drop zones that will leave you beckoning for more. 

How does skydiving feel?

Skydiving feels like nothing you will ever experience in mid air. The fear-conquering, gravity-defying, heart-pounding free fall of up to 60 seconds, as you jump at unimaginable altitudes up to 15,000 feet from your aircraft, which will be travelling at speeds of up to 220km per hour, is enough to permanently alter your perception of personal challenge alone. 

But if you’re in this for the brave-heart art of embracing fresh challenges and achieving life-altering thrills, skydivers will be richly rewarded. 

The spiritual and sensational relief as your tandem master releases the parachute cord and you both drift for up to seven minutes, as if in a dream, back to your beach of green-fields drop zone will set your adrenaline on high alert and instil in the memory banks a lifetime personal achievement of courage, excitement and the ultimate exhilaration. 

How much is it to go skydiving?

In any event, the cost is minimal, given the pricelessness of the skydiving experience.  

Prices start from a heavily reduced $299 (which is a saving of $140 on the original price) for the Skydiving Goolwa (Adelaide) – Tandem Skydive 9000 Feet experience, which you can book online at Adrenaline. 

You can also elect to land on Basham Beach or the Goolwa Aerodrome with this package, but both return points provide views of spectacular south coast scenery on your way down to ground and even the chance to spot whales and dolphins on your descent. 

Adrenaline offers a range of gift vouchers online that can be used to redeem Skydiving Goolwa and all other 2500-plus thrilling experiences on land, water and in the air throughout Australia. 

Gift vouchers are valid for three years from the date of purchase and can be emailed to the recipient or sent by post. 

Weather conditions are paramount to all tandem skydiving activities. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section online at Adrenaline or contact us via our chat function prior to purchasing your Skydiving Goolwa and all other experiences on offer. 

In the event that conditions are inclement on the day of your tandem skydive, your tour operator will reschedule your sky-high event at the next available opportunity. 

What's the difference between parachuting and skydiving?

These two elevated art forms could not be more distinct yet equally intrinsic to the skydiving process.

Parachuting is the sublime reward for all your fear-conquering efforts of floating high above the earth, absorbing the panorama as you drift gently, seemingly in slow motion, until you finally touch down on solid ground.

While skydiving is where the nervous energy takes hold in alignment with heart-racing exhilaration, as you take the plunge and burst forth from your fast-moving aircraft high in the sky, for an insane free fall that will awaken every sensation in mind, body and soul.