Skydiving Langhorne Creek

Skydiving Langhorne Creek

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The fact that Langhorne Creek is less than an hour’s drive south of Adelaide also makes it an ideal base for skydiving and other thrill-seeking pursuits designed to absorb the sights from an aerial perspective.  

Adrenaline takes South Australian tourism values to a whole new level with a selection of Skydiving Langhorne Creek packages on offer. Not only that, you can choose your range of altitude according to height-driven challenges and self-expectations.

These tandem skydiving events can be experienced at 9000 feet, 12,000 feet or the 14,000 feet limit. All Skydiving Langhorne Creek Wine Region SA – Tandem Skydive packages offer the same spectacular views of the monumental Murray River, Coorong and Lakes systems and the breathtaking stretch of South Coast. They also provide the lifetime experience of ticking off this bucket-list achievement. 

What should I know before going skydiving?

You should be prepared for nervous anticipation levels like never before. Skydiving is one of the most exhilarating encounters you can achieve in defying gravity from up to 15,000 feet high, plunging forth from your fast-moving aircraft. 

The insane up-to 60-second free fall is a heart-pounding experience without equal. But once your tandem skydiving instructor finally pulls the parachute cord, floating under canopy while absorbing the greatest views you could possibly imagine from this altitude is one of life’s ultimate thrills. 

How many jumps before you can skydive alone?

Generally speaking, solo aspirants must complete around 35 tandem jumps at altitudes up to or above 3500 feet in order to quality as a solo skydiver. 

The open-air thrill is not for the fainthearted, nor the inexperienced if planning to eventually go it alone. You must be able to withstand the elevated heights’ speed endurance in embracing and being fully adept at the solo skydiving experience. 

Tandem and solo skydivers plunge from an aircraft at altitudes up to 15,000 feet, with the aircraft travelling at speeds of up to 200km per hour. 

Adrenaline offers learn-to-skydive courses throughout Australia that focus on safety, technique and raising your experience in parallel with self-confidence levels. 

A range of gift vouchers offered online at Adrenaline can be used to redeem learn-to-skydive courses, tandem jumps and all of the 2500-plus air, land and water-based experiences on offer. 

Adrenaline gift vouchers are valid for three years, can be emailed to the recipient or sent by post. 

How safe is it to go skydiving?

For all the hype about height, extreme nervous energy and mental imagery of plunging oneself from a fast-moving aircraft, skydiving is one of the safest adventure activities you could embark upon.

Adrenaline enlists only the most experienced and accomplished tour operators, who ensure that your safety levels are lifted higher than even the experience you are set to encounter.

Your tandem master will be with you every step of the way, from your pre-safety briefing and spectacular 20-minute scenic flight to your tandem jump, heart-pounding free fall and gentle drift back to earth.

Check out epic skydiving packages across Australia right here at Adrenaline, and book in an unforgettable experience.