Skydiving McLaren Vale

Skydiving McLaren Vale

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The scenic flight high over this world-famous wine region is as awe-inspiring as your up-to-60-second free fall. As you plunge from your aircraft, travelling at speeds of up to 200km per hour and your tandem master pulls the parachute cord, you’ll both float under canopy for up to five minutes, absorbing the region’s natural splendours. 

Your skydiving McLaren Vale packages include the added bonus of flying over coastal and Fleurieu wine regions while landing in idyllic vineyard gardens. 

McLaren Vale is a picturesque patchwork of lush, multi-coloured landscaping and only 40 minutes’ drive from the Adelaide CBD. This makes your McLaren Vale skydive experience easily accessible to city dwellers and regional locals alike. 

How long is a skydive?

The total duration of your Skydive Over McLaren Vale experience is only up to an hour. This includes registration, pre-safety and expert skydiving tuition, which is designed to take only 15 minutes from Aldinga Airport, your 20-minute scenic flight, the mad minute of free fall and your float under canopy of up to five minutes before your touch base. 

Skydiving in McLaren will literally fly by. You’ll be so engrossed in the complete experience that you won’t notice how quickly the hour ticks away. Time truly does fly when you’re having fun.  

Is skydiving a good idea?

Tandem skydiving over McLaren Vale is not only a good idea; it’s an unforgettable gift in the making. 

Adrenaline offers a range of exhilarating tandem skydiving packages over this breathtaking South Australia wine region. After you’ve touched down on your vineyard-doted drop zone, wine lovers may also wish to partake of the gold-medal wines on offer throughout this spectacular region.

You could also purchase an Adrenaline gift voucher online to redeem skydiving in McLaren Vale or the 2500-plus thrilling experiences on land, air and water that are offered Australia wide at Adrenaline. 

Participants are asked to play by the rules in order to reap maximum personal rewards while having the time of your life. You should always be punctual for your confirmed events and arrive wearing comfortable attire and enclosed footwear. If taking part in experiences in the great outdoors, you are advised to bring a hat, wear sunglasses and apply plenty of broad-spectrum SPF. 

Is there a weight limit to skydiving?

Clients are weighted according to suitability on all levels for Skydive 9000 Feet or 14,000 Feet Over McLaren Vale, Adelaide experiences.

If you weigh more than 95kg, please advise at the time of booking your tandem skydive. 

Heart conditions or other factors may also apply, so if in doubt of suitability and capability, you are urged to consult your doctor before purchasing your sky-high adventure at Adrenaline.

If you have any questions following your booking confirmation, your expert tour operator at McLaren Vale is on hand to provide all relevant details. They will also ensure the safest and most exhilarating experience you could ever encounter while in the air and at ground level.

Check out epic skydiving packages across Australia right here at Adrenaline, and book in an unforgettable experience.