Skydiving Tasmania

Skydiving Tasmania

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Adrenaline puts this exhilarating potential within reach with a range of southbound tandem skydiving packages.

Given its historic coastal surroundings, the northwest port city of Burnie is a popular starting point for tandem skydiving. You can fly up to 15,000 feet high over the winning township of Wynyard, while taking in the distinctive flat-topped Table Cape cliff and beyond.

Then the fun hots up as you plunge from your fast-moving aircraft for the unparalleled adrenaline rush of your insane, up-to-60-second free fall, before floating under parachute to your picturesque drop zone. 

For Tasmanians taking the leap across Bass Strait to Melbourne, Adrenaline offers an extensive selection of tandem skydiving packages in the city, with beach drop zones, as well as nearby wine and heritage-listed coastal regions.

What is skydiving?

Skydiving is quite simply an adrenaline-charged adventure to surpass all others. What else could compare with propelling yourself from a fast-moving plane while conquering innate fears and achieving personal platitudes? 

The flight, free fall, float and earth-bound touch down of a tandem skydiving experience combine to produce the ultimate thrill. 

Does your first skydive have to be a tandem?

For lone travellers, skydiving must firstly be conducted in tandem. If your ultimate aim is to experience a solo skydive, you will initially be required to complete around 35 tandem jumps at a minimum altitude of 3500 feet high. 

Solo skydiving is only accepted under the most accomplished skill and experience levels. It is an aerial art form in supreme self-achievement that can only be achieved with learned confidence in your solo skydiving abilities.   

How much does it cost to skydive for the first time?

All tandem skydiving packages on offer at Adrenaline are custom designed as learn-to-skydive experiences, but also for more seasoned skydivers.

The skydiving range and all 2500-plus experiences at ground, water and air level are offered at the best possible prices at Adrenaline. The low-cost guarantee and, on many deals, added bonus of undercutting the closest-priced competitor by another five per cent are just two small gestures that make a resounding financial impact.

There is also a plethora of special deals that, when all added up, go to show how Adrenaline puts clients’ experience levels, service and affordability first and foremost.  

When you take into account the care, pride and attention to detail that are endemic to the Adrenaline success story: seekers of unmatched experiences at any level would not look anywhere else.

Package deals for first-time tandem skydiving at up to 15,000 feet high start from less than $240.

Adrenaline offers a range of gift vouchers that can be ordered online and used to redeem skydiving and all other adventure activities and events throughout Australia.

Terms and conditions apply for all packages that are booked at Adrenaline, but you can receive one-on-one staff assistance during your decision-making process, or there is a handy Skydiving FAQ page at Adrenaline to provide answers to all your questions.