Barwon Heads Skydiving

Barwon Heads Skydiving

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The range of tandem skydive experiences in this rarefied corner of the world promise a winning trifecta: incredible coastal views; the life-affirming thrill of free fall and unequalled adrenaline rush of skydiving from up to 15,000 feet high. 

Your base point for these bucket-list events is the coastal township of Barwon Heads. This new tandem jump venue, taking off from the Barwon Heads Airport, frames the sparkling azure coastline of the Great Ocean Road, including Bells Beach, Port Phillip Bay and beyond to the Melbourne CBD.  

After plunging from your aircraft, which will be travelling at speeds of up to 220km per hour, you’ll experience the ultimate thrill of your insane (up to 60-second) free fall. 

Then your tandem instructor will pull the parachute cord at around 4500 feet above sea level and you’ll both drift in a dream-like state for six to eight minutes. Touching base back at the airfields is sure to induce an adrenaline rush like never before. 

This incredible aerial experience is being wholeheartedly embraced and endorsed by children as young as 12 and the young at heart, aged 70 years and above.    

You can also choose to undertake Accelerated Free Fall Skydiving courses offered online at Adrenaline, which are the springboard towards achieving your solo skydiving licence. 

Are there weight restrictions when skydiving?

Weight is a crucial element in balancing the safety and exhilaration levels of tandem skydiving. The cut-off point for tandem skydiving over the Great Ocean Road is 105kg. 

However, your tandem instructor will consider weights of up to 110kg on an individual basis. 

Please advise at the time of booking your Skydiving Great Ocean Road (Barwon Heads) – Tandem Skydive, 10,000 Feet or 15,000 Feet packages online at Adrenaline. Surcharges are applicable for weights exceeding 95kg and are payable on the day. 

How safe are skydives?

Safety and the unforgettable factor are tandem outcomes of skydiving. Skydives over the Great Ocean Road from Barwon Heads and all other events offered by Adrenaline are conducted by leading skydiving professionals. 

They will effortlessly and reassuringly ensure that you are fully briefed and aware of all safety measures and any potential risks. 

More importantly, they will also be safely harnessed to you, providing guidance and direction, in all tandem skydiving experiences offered throughout Australia at Adrenaline.    

How long does it take to learn to skydive?

The learn-to-skydive experience, better known as Learn to Skydive, AFF course Stage 1, provides the first step in a nine-stage program that encompasses professionally accredited theoretical and practical skydiving knowledge.

A minimum of 11 jumps is required before attaining your solo skydiving licence.

The Stage 1 event is an intensive course that spans an entire day and includes expert tuition, all your safety equipment, practical instruction, student licence and Australian Parachute Federation levy.