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Skydiving Euroa

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Nobody wants the weather to rain on the parade. This is particularly telling in the sport of skydiving, where Mother Nature plays a key role in determining whether you can or cannot take the plunge. 

The Victorian town of Euroa is not only a fair-wether friend, but is also an adventure-seeking force to be reckoned with.  Offering close proximity to Melbourne and more than 100 jumpable days for skydiving action, pristine conditions generally provide the all clear for flying high.  

Revel in Euroa’s tranquil scenic views with Adrenaline’s offer of tandem skydiving experiences and learn to solo skydive courses. These premium exercises in the exhilaration of elevation all come complete with the lowest possible price tags.  

What is the best skydiving deal in Euroa?

Adrenaline offers a range of daily specials for Euroa skydiving and the more than 2500 land, air and water-based experiences on offer throughout Australia. 

Adrenaline’s lowest price guarantee and pledge to undercut its nearest competitor by five per cent both amount to the best rate for the entire range of exhilarating experiences in the Adrenaline repertoire. 

Adrenaline’s Skydiving Euroa offers provide experiential heights at the lowest price. 

The Skydiving Melbourne Euroa Tandem Skydive, 14,000 Feet and 12,000 Feet packages are priced from $349 per person and $329, respectively. The Skydiving Euroa – Learn To Skydive, AFF Course Stage 1 program starts from $485 per person. 

How many skydives do you need to jump alone?

Skydivers will need to undergo at least 25 tandem jumps and 19 minutes of free-fall time from a minimum altitude of up to 3500 feet. They will also be required to complete the nine-stage accelerated free fall program, which generally accepts entry after having conducted two tandem jumps. Once the AFF course has been fully completed and an additional five solo jumps have been conducted, the individual skydiver will be qualified to obtain their internationally recognised A licence. 

Each stage in the AFF program has specified requirements that must be met in order to move onto the next level.  Adrenaline offers the Skydiving Euroa – Learn To Skydive, AFF Course Stage 1 program, which will see you landing under your own parachute on your first skydive. During this process, two skydiving instructors provide one-on-one assistance in the air. 

The ground training, technical tuition and skydiving take place at the Euroa drop zone. Your target control officer will guide you into land. 

After completion of your AFF nine-stage program and five solo jumps, you will be qualified to enter skydiving and parachute school courses that enable you to become a fully qualified skydiving instructor.  

When can you skydive?

With Adrenaline’s offer of 100 more jumpable days per year for skydiving in Euroa, you can pick and choose the dates that best suit your schedule. Thursdays to Sundays are popular times for tandem skydiving and the accelerated free fall skydiving course is generally conducted on weekends. This allows for busy urban professionals and all other thrill-seekers to jump at the chance of skydiving in Euroa.

Check out epic skydiving packages across Australia right here at Adrenaline, and book in an unforgettable experience.