Skydiving Torquay

Skydiving Torquay

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Of all the skydiving experiences you can find at Adrenaline, Torqauy is one of the finest. This World Heritage-listed location is a peerless marvel to view at road level, so imagine its breathtaking allure when absorbed up high in a 15,000 feet skydiving event. 

The participant feedback on Adrenaline online speaks volumes about the experience of tandem skydiving in Torquay: “best day ever” says it all.  

Is Torquay the best place to skydive?

The scenic splendour and relaxed coastal vibe make Torquay a dream destination for tandem-skydiving experiences. 

Departing from Torquay Airport, your unforgettable flight will provide a panorama of unmatched coastal magnitude.  

For the adventurous-minded and poetically inspired, tandem skydiving in Torquay makes for an unforgettable feat of personal achievement, sensory awakening and visual glory.

If you’re aged 12 years and above, are not at risk of heart conditions or epilepsy, are not pregnant and weigh less than 100kg, tandem skydiving in Torquay is set to challenge your inner limitations like nothing on earth. 

Simply book a package with Adrenaline online and allow the expert skydiving operators to take care of all the fine detail as you absorb this big-picture experience.      

What is skydiving like in Torquay?

Skydiving in Torquay is unlike anything you have ever experienced. For a start, there is the endless coastal horizon that will be yours for the viewing on your 20-minute scenic flight and the taking as you plunge from your aircraft, travelling at speeds of up to 220 km per hour. 

How long will I free fall for in my Torquay skydiving experience?

The life-changing free fall from up to 15,000 feet high, will take all of 60 seconds, but it may feel like longer. 

Have no fear: you’ll be safely harnessed to your tandem skydiving instructor who will release the chute at around 4500 feet after your breathtaking plunge. You’ll both float under canopy like elevated birdlife for a full five minutes before touching base at your stunning coastal drop zone. 

The post-experience adrenaline rush will not only leave you in a state of maximum exhilaration and on high for weeks to follow, but undoubtedly impart a craving to relive your tandem skydiving adventure all over again.  

There is also a café and on-site facilities at the Australian Skydive Centre to enjoy afterwards with all your family and friends. 

What should I wear to my skydiving in Torquay experience?

Loose, comfortable clothing and enclosed, lightweight footwear work best as appropriate attire for underneath your skydiving suit and comfortable goggles, which are suitable to wear over prescription glasses. 

You’ll receive full tuition on how to expertly use all regulation gear and, crucially, be equipped with all-important knowledge to feel safe, relaxed and ready to take the leap of a lifetime. 

Are there any extra costs with skydiving in Torquay?

The good news is that there are no extra costs involved in a tandem skydiving in Torquay or Australia- wide activity when you book with Adrenaline. 

Your Australian Parachute Federation levy is fully covered in the package price. 

Of course, should you elect to purchase digital stills or video footage of yourself in high-flying action, this is a popular and recommended option following your skydiving adventure.