Skydiving Nagambie

Skydiving Nagambie

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Skydiving is an unbeatable experience that you need to tick off your bucket list. For this jump, The take-off point and drop zone makes for a relaxed day trip from the Melbourne CBD. 

There is simply nothing in the air to compare with plunging from your aircraft, which will be travelling at speeds of up to 200km per hour, and freefalling for an insane up to 60 seconds. 

Once you’ve descended to an altitude of around 4500 feet above ground, your tandem master will pull the parachute cord and you’ll both float like birds for up to seven minutes before touching base at your green fields drop zone. 

The post-experience adrenaline rush of tandem skydiving over Nagambie is set to keep your spirit soaring for weeks to come. 

You will embark upon your 20-minute scenic fight over Nagambie and land at the same spot, so family and friends are welcome to watch your tandem skydiving spectacle unfold. But please leave your pets at home, as airfields and four-legged friends do not mix. 

All drop zone information is available online and there is also a handy FAQs section at Adrenaline for you to peruse the fine detail of this milestone achievement. 

Can you skydive on your own? You can only achieve solo skydiving status once you have received accredited and ongoing training. Skydivers will be required to complete around 35 jumps from altitudes up to a minimum 3500 feet high. 

Adrenaline offers the Accelerated Free Fall Skydiving Course Stage 1, which introduces the first intensive step towards attaining your solo skydiving licence.  After completing this first stage, one of nine, you will have landed under your own parachute and also receive a student licence for solo skydiving. 

The highly experienced instructors at Nagambie and all skydive-Australia operations will have budding soloists fully prepared, technically, theoretically and practically, for the wildest inevitability of achieving your full solo skydiving licence. 

What’s the highest skydiving you can do?

The highest skydive offered in Australia is 15,000 feet above sea level and tandem skydiving packages from this altitude at all Australian locations are offered at Adrenaline. 

What to wear skydiving?

You should feel relaxed and comfortable before your tandem skydiving event and this should be reflected in your attire. Arriving in loose, weather-suitable clothing, jeans, T-shirt and light jumper or jacket are ideal, and enclosed footwear that is free from hooks or buckles is highly recommended. 

You are advised to bring sunglasses and a hat for the plane ride to altitude and also apply plenty of broad-spectrum SPF for the tandem jump to ground. 

Don’t forget to provide a record of your Adrenaline booking confirmation on the day.