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Tooradin Skydiving

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Expertly operated skydiving courses are designed to set you on the path towards achieving solo skydiving status. They encompass 12 stages and you’ll be landing under your own parachute on the first stage. 

Which is the best place in Victoria for skydiving?

The magical sights, tranquil atmosphere and proximity to Melbourne make Tooradin a skydiver’s dream destination, to be shore! 

Speaking of which, the stunning northern coastline of this Victorian town is also a magnet for keen anglers. There’s even a central fish market so you’ll always return home with a catch of the day. 

Nature reserves, the iconic Tooradin jetty and all other leisure-based attractions make Tooradin a haven for aerial thrill seekers and ground-level sightseers.  

Adrenaline offers the Skydiving South East Melbourne – Tandem Skydive 10,000 Feet package that takes off from Tooradin Airfields and captures all the sights and high-flying thrills. 

You’ll experience amazing views on board your spectacular scenic flight, high above the Western Port coastline and beyond. Then brace yourself as you and your tandem skydiving instructor exit your fast-moving aircraft for a life-altering 40-second free fall. 

Your tandem master will pull the parachute cord and you’ll both float like birds in paradise for five minutes before touching base at your Tooradin Airfields drop zone. 

Invite the family and all your friends to watch you come into land at base point in awe-inspiring style. The post-experience adrenaline rush is set to elevate you to Cloud Nine for weeks to follow.  

Do you have to be 18 to skydive?

While 18 might be the legally accepted age for adulthood, skydivers can be as young as 16 years old to participate in Skydiving Tooradin with Adrenaline. 

The only pre-requisites are that they possess reasonable fitness levels and a parent or legal guardian will be required on the day to sign official paper work. 

Otherwise, it’s up and away in the skyward adventure of a lifetime for these young thrill seekers.  

Is skydiving worth the risk?

The professional art of skydiving poses few if any risks, provided full understanding, comprehension and a willingness to embrace fresh challenge are in place. 

All skydiving operators enlisted by Adrenaline are best in class and will ensure that your tandem skydiving event and solo skydiving course are not only unforgettable, but also among the safest and most exhilarating aerial adventures you can undergo.

To experience the ultimate thrills and an adrenaline rush with staying power, skydiving is worth getting excited about.