Skydiving Yarra Valley

Skydiving Yarra Valley

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Adrenaline helps make all your high-flying dreams come true with unbeatable skydiving experiences. Simply book online for a weekday or weekend tandem skydiving package departing Lilydale Airport (with transfers from the Melbourne CBD) and you will soon be up where you belong. 

What is skydiving in the Yarra Valley like?

You’ll be totally removed from your comfort zone but also enact one of the greatest experiences of your life. Skydiving is unforgettable.

The dedicated and experienced skydiving operators make tandem skydiving a breeze. You’ll not only absorb incredible views of the Yarra Valley on board your 20-minute scenic flight, but also experience an insane 60 seconds of life-changing free fall, once you and your tandem instructor exit the plane, which will be travelling at a breathtaking pace of up to 200km per hour.   

When the parachute is released, at around 5000 feet above ground, you will marvel at incredible views of this lush wine region, with its gently rolling hills and verdant pastures. 

You’ll touch down amid your green-fields drop zone, completely invigorated, refreshed and enlivened — with an unquenchable taste for more. 

Who would enjoy a skydiving voucher in the Yarra Valley?

Anyone aged 12 years and above who yearns to scale new heights would thrill to an Adrenaline voucher for tandem skydiving over the Yarra Valley. 

The Yarra Valley skydiving crew will not only provide the safest and most unforgettable experiences on record, but also capture the rich natural beauty of this renowned sightseeing region. 

You can choose to purchase video and photo packages of yourself in self-flight mode for you to view and share with all your loved ones. 

Otherwise, every other cost is included in the Yarra Valley tandem skydiving package when you book online at Adrenaline.  

What should I do the night before my skydiving experience in Yarra Valley?

You should aim to get a good night’s slumber before your tandem skydiving experience over the Yarra Valley. You’ll want to awaken refreshed and raring to go. Please abstain from drinking heavily at least 24 hours before your skydiving activity. Your body and mind will need to feel clean, clear and energised for the big day ahead. 

On the morning of your tandem jump, make sure to fuel up on a light, healthy breakfast, but don’t go overboard on the quantity. 

What do I need to do before skydiving in Yarra Valley?

You should look to the skies prior to the event, as tandem skydiving is dependent upon pristine conditions. But don’t worry: all tandem skydiving activities will be postponed in the event of inclement weather. 

Please don’t forget to bring your Adrenaline booking confirmation and personal ID for registration. 

It is important to note that if you are tandem skydiving and aged between 16 and 18 years old, you will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is required to sign paperwork on the day of your jump. 

There are also weight restrictions for a tandem skydiving event over the Yarra Valley. The maximum weight is 105kg, however if yours peaks at 110kg, allowances for tandem skydiving can be assessed on an individual basis. Surcharges apply for weights between 95kg and 105kg, which are payable on the day. 

What other experiences would my loved one enjoy in the Yarra Valley?

The Yarra Valley is blessed with an abundance of sightseeing riches. 

If your head is still the clouds, you and your loved one would delight in a hot air ballooning (with full gourmet breakfast) or Tiger Moth joy flight, to take in the spectacular scenery in a more relaxed but equally exhilarating mode. 

On ground level, you could choose to book the Epic Yarra Valley Wine Tour or Segway Vineyard Tour. 

Or take the plunge in exciting white-water kayaking or sports rafting on the Yarra River. 

These and more than 2500 adventure experiences throughout Australia are on offer online at Adrenaline.