Skydiving Pinjarra

Skydiving Pinjarra

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Adrenaline puts your preferred altitude within reach with a range of heights for tandem skydiving jumps. You can choose packages from 8000 feet, 10,000 feet, 12,000 feet, or up to 15,000 feet high, but what you see from above (from Perth and Rottnest Island in the north to Bunbury in the south) is what you will get, regardless of altitude.

The Skydiving Perth Pinjarra 15,000 feet experience is the crème de la crème; offering an unprecedented up to 67-second free fall from your elevated jump point. You’ll be safely harnessed to your tandem master in any event as you both float under canopy for up to seven minutes, while absorbing the scenic panorama.

The long-established coastal drop zone at Pinjarra also makes it a welcome site for spectators.

What does skydiving mean?

Skydiving means embarking on the self-propelled air-bound adventure of a lifetime. 

The experience of plunging outwards at up to 15,000 feet high in the sky from your aircraft, which will be travelling at speeds of up to 200km per hour, for an insane up-to-67-second free fall, is second to none in gravity-defying, personally heightened exhilaration. 

Your ultimate reward for rising to the challenge and overcoming inner fears is your blissful float under canopy for up to seven minutes, as the spectacular Pinjarra scenery below materialises into perspective. 

You’ll land safely and soundly at your stunning beach drop zone, refreshed, reinvigorated, recharged and ready to relive this milestone achievement all over again. 

How long does a skydive take?

Your tandem skydiving Perth Pinjarra experience is a short yet sweet exercise, embracing spectacular coastal views and breathtaking exhilaration levels.   

Less than an hour’s drive from the Perth CBD, skydiving in Pinjarra includes a registration and safety briefing upon arrival. You’ll then board your aircraft for an awe-inspiring 20-minute scenic flight, before taking the plunge in an up to 67-second free-fall of life-altering effect. 

Adrenaline has saved the best until last with an up to seven-minute float under canopy to your coastal drop zone, which will linger long in your mind’s eye. 

Does weight affect skydiving?

Weight affects the balance and precision of the professionally operated tandem skydiving adventure.

For this reason, weights are carefully monitored prior to your skydiving experience to ensure the maximum safety, efficiency and enjoyment levels.

Please advise at the time of booking your skydiving Pinjarra experience online at Adrenaline if your weight is more than 95kg. The limit for this experience is 110kg and surcharges apply for weights between 95kg and maximum weight. These are payable on the day of event.

Otherwise everything else is covered in your Pinjarra skydiving experience, including your Australia Parachute Federation levy.