Skydiving Rottnest Island

Skydiving Rottnest Island

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Adrenaline puts these means within reach when you book a tandem skydiving package onto Rottnest Island online. 

With the only island skydive experience on offer, thrill seekers who relish the opportunity to absorb stunning views and set new challenges would do well to get in early and reserve midweek or weekend skydiving experiences from up to 15,000 feet high.  

What to wear skydiving in Rottnest?

You should always feel comfortable before embarking on a tandem skydiving adventure. 

It’s important to wear loose, comfortable attire for wearing underneath your skydiving suit. Enclosed, lightweight footwear, free from buckles and loose laces, is also required. 

But don’t worry if your feet are in summertime mode. There are shoes available for loan, but please pack a pair of socks in the event that you are not donning an enclosed shoe. 

You should not forget to bring a hat, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen for the generally warm and sunny conditions. 

What should I do the night before skydiving in Rottnest?

Turn in early. You’ll need all the rest you can to store up excess energy reserves for the big day. 

It’s also important not to drink or take recreational drugs 24 hours before your skydiving adventure. Your bloodstream needs to be as clear and your mind and spirit should be open to and, importantly, up for the challenge. This will require your complete focus and a levelheaded approach. 

Look forward to losing yourself in the moment, but also potentially finding your true inner you. 

What are the jump restrictions for my skydiving experience in Rottnest?

The maximum jump altitude for a tandem skydiving activity over Rottnest Island is 15,000 feet. From this elevated level, the world below will appear as a blur, but that’s before you take the plunge in your tandem free fall of an insane up to 70 seconds. 

While skirting the clouds and absorbing the picture-perfect island and surrounding Indian Ocean on board your 15-minute scenic flight, you’ll barely want the visual splendour to end. 

However, then you’ll reach your limit and take to the air, with your tandem skydiving instructor, but as one with nature. 

Once you have experienced the exhilaration of free fall, you can relax and absorb the uninterrupted vista all over again as you float like a bird in paradise for a full five minutes before touching base on your pristine beach drop zone. 

The post-event adrenaline rush is certain to fuel further high-flying desires for your next tandem skydive onto spectacular Rottnest Island. 

What do I need to know on the day of skydiving in Rottnest?

Just be true to you and fully prepared for the experience of a lifetime. 

Wake up fresh and ready to take on the world from up high. 

This can be achieved by fuelling up on a light, healthy breakfast and arriving early at your destination point, at least 45 minutes prior to the time of your booking is recommended. 

You should also bring personal ID for registration and, if you are aged 14 to 18 years, a parent or legal guardian must be in attendance to sign paperwork on the day of the your skydiving activity.  

Please be aware that tandem skydiving is a weather-dependent activity and, as such, terms and condition will apply. But don’t worry: the expert skydiving operators simply wish for your experience to be as safe, pristine and blue-sky-perfect as possible. They will be sure to rearrange the date for your adventure of a lifetime with maximum professionalism and efficiency.  

Who can I bring to my skydiving experience in Rottnest?

You can bring the whole family and friends along to live the experience with you, at least from ground level. 

There is a spectacular viewing area and on-site facilities for all tandem skydiving activities on Rottnest when you book online with Adrenaline. 

As you come into land on your pristine island drop zone, friends and family will gain a thrill to match your own as they celebrate your breathtaking beach touch down. 

The hero of the hour will also receive a complimentary beverage following their skydiving feats of inner domination.