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Is a Ferrari a sports car?

Ferrari is one of the world’s most famous sports car manufacturers. The Italian firm was founded way back in 1939 and since then has created some of the most iconic sports cars in motoring history, like the Ferrari F40 and Ferrari Daytona. It continues to produce spectacular and speedy cars (like the Ferrari California) that delight car enthusiasts and never fail to turn heads when out on the road. 

How much does it cost to hire a Ferrari?

Finding a Ferrari for hire at a price to suit your budget isn’t always easy. But here at Adrenaline, we’ve a wide range of experiences and products that make it easier than ever to get out on the road in a dream car. You can drive a Ferrari for as little as $195, or if you’re happy with riding in the passenger seat it’s possible to go for a spin in a Ferrari at an even better price. Check our product range for options in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and other locations around Australia.

There are Ferrari and sports car options for a range of budgets and tastes, including full day drives also featuring other supercars (like Lamborghinis and Porsches). Typically, the longer you spend at the wheel the more the experience will cost. But if this is something you’ve always wanted to do, then it’s sure to be worth it.

Whatever option you end up choosing, you’ll be able to walk away able to tell your friends you’ve driven a Ferrari! Some experiences even include a souvenir photo – the perfect way to remember your big day out. 

How much to hire a Ferrari for the day?

Those wanting Ferrari hire for a day should check the range of products listed here on the Adrenaline site to find their best match. A good option for car fanatics and anyone with a sense of adventure could be a supercar drive day. These typically allow you to drive some of the world’s best sports cars and take in some stunning Australian scenery along the way. 

Who can drive a Ferrari?

If you want to drive a Ferrari then you’ll typically need to have a valid full Australian or International driving license. Some experience providers also ask that you’re at least 25 years old and have held your license for a certain number of years (typically at least two or three). Please check the exact details before booking for all requirements, including height and weight restrictions. 

Not able to drive? Why not look at taking a Ferrari joyride experience with a driver instead?