Story Bridge Adventure Climb

Story Bridge Adventure Climb

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What is a Story Bridge adventure climb?


The Story Bridge adventure climb is a must-do Brisbane experience, for both locals and visitors. It offers you the chance to climb to the top of this famous structure, which opened in 1940 to connect Kangaroo Point and Fortitude Valley. As you climb you’ll take in some breathtaking 360-degree views of the city and the beautiful scenery beyond. It’s one of only three bridge adventure climbs in the world (alongside Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and Auckland’s Harbour Bridge).


What’s included in a Story Bridge adventure climb experience?


Perhaps the biggest inclusion on these climbs is the best views in Brisbane. Not only will you be able to look down on the city from a unique perspective, but also look way beyond to the sand island of Moreton Bay in the east, the Glass House Mountains to the north, Lamington National Park to the south and Brisbane Forest Park and Mt Coot-tha to the West. There’s truly awesome sights wherever you choose to look.


Before you start your climb you’ll be given a safety briefing and kitted out with your climb suit. No loose objects (including mobile phones and cameras) can be taken on the climb for safety reasons, but lockers are supplied. You should wear rubber soled, enclosed footwear that you’re comfortable walking in.


You’ll be given a radio headset on the day to effectively communicate with others during the climb and extras like sunglasses lanyards, hats, all-weather jackets and sunscreen can be supplied by the climb team.


How much does a Story Bridge adventure climb cost?


The cost of a Story Bridge adventure climb varies depending on the time of day you choose to go, with daytime climbs the cheapest option. However, prices are subject to change and special offers and deals can sometimes reduce the costs. All the latest prices can be found on the pages here at Adrenaline and are backed by our Lowest Price Guarantee. This means you can book your experience with confidence, safe in the knowledge we’ve put the work in to make sure our prices give you great value for money.


How tall is Story Bridge?

Brisbane’s Story Bridge is around 74-metres high. The bridge is around a kilometre in length, so it’s a good walk to the viewing platform sitting high above the Brisbane River. But, rest assured, it’s well worth it for the incredible 360-degree views on offer.


While it can’t match the Sydney Harbour Bridge for height, it’s very competitive when it comes to views. You’ll get great views of the city and the Brisbane River below, but it’s the variety of Queensland sights beyond that make this truly spectacular. Look west for Mt Coot-tha and Brisbane Forest Park, east for Moreton Bay sand islands, south for Lamington National Park and north for the Glass House Mountains.


How long does it take to climb the Story Bridge?

The Story Bridge adventure climb is a two-hour experience. Please arrive in good time for your experience to allow for check in and being supplied with your kit.