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Movie stars and action heroes in the making will thrill to enrolment at professional stunt academies.

These industry-operated stunt training courses provide expert tuition, both technical and hands on, in helping to gain a foothold into the movie business.

Adrenaline enlists the services of film-industry stunt wizards in offering a range of stunt academy experiences, just for fun or more professional aspirations.

What does a stuntman do?

A stuntman or stunt person does everything behind the scenes yet in full view to truly make the movie stars shine. Their daring feats of human strength and skill defy all odds and often also gravity or belief in achieving inconceivable live action caught on camera with ground breaking physical and mental prowess.

Stuntmen literally put in the hard yards by performing stunts, on land, water and in the air, that are often too dangerous or physically intricate for the film star they are posing as to even contemplate, let alone achieve.

What qualifications do you need to be a stuntman?

Stunt people are natural-born adventurers and risk takers. An aura of invincibility pervades their presence and, as such, supreme self-confidence is an ideal starting point as a stunt training qualification.

But you don’t need to be in peak physical or metal condition in order to take part in a stunt academy experience offered online at Adrenaline. Participants who have pre-existing medical conditions, however, should consult Adrenaline at the time of booking to assess suitability for a stunt academy program.

The Stunt Academy, Half or Full Day courses on the Gold Coast provide the best training ground for learning the basics of stunt work and beyond.

Before you know it, you’ll be wowing your audience of spectators with commando-style obstacle-course moves, enacting a Jackie Chan fight scene and gliding on wires akin to a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star performer.

You will receive the pinnacle of professional stunt training from leading instructors whose students have progressed to making winning stunt appearances in Wolverine, Godzilla and Furious 6.

The full-day package also includes lunch and an adrenaline-pumped afternoon of high falls and advanced rappelling, with a budget-breaking price tag..

How do you train to be a stuntman?

Daredevils who are disguised as behind-the-scenes movie stars require professionally guided training to be in peak stunt-worthy condition.

Becoming a stuntman is not for the faint-hearted, but the personal rewards are often worth the risks and some times gruelling training schedules.

To be at the top of their craft, stuntmen constantly need to acquire new skills in the increasingly death-defying realm of the stunt world.

This is where Adrenaline steps in to shoulder the blow and steer the career and stunt-making direction of all budding action Jacksons or Jill.

Would-be film stars will walk away with a star-worthy demo tape when they enrol in the Movie Star Experience, Half Day For 2 People – Gold Coast package.

Dynamic duos will receive stunt training from leading instructors and experience professional stunt training and hair and make-up session. Participants choose from several movie scenes to re-enact, including Charlie’s Angels, James Bond, Hunger Games or Commando. Following extensive acting, wirework and combat choreographic training, their film scene of choice will be professionally shot, edited with sound and special effects, and sent on DVD, complete with their names in the rolling credits. Hollywood or Bollywood, here you come!