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Stunt Driving

Looking for things to do in the Gold Coast? Something off the beaten path, perhaps? Get physical and be a movie star for a day with these explosive stunt academy experiences! Combining martial arts training, obstacle course challenges, samurai sword-wielding and even wirework instruction, these stunt courses awaken your inner Jackie Chan! Now’s your chance to be the next A-list action star!

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Stunt Academy Experiences in the Gold Coast

These stunt school adventures cover a number of different genres. Ever wonder what goes into 007’s regiment? A fast-paced, spy-themed stunt training session gives you a good idea! Start with a commando-style obstacle course to test your speed and coordination. Next, you’re ready for combat. Hand-to-hand fighting, firearms training, knife throwing—gain the stunt work skills that have kept Mr. Bond at the top of his game for the last half century!

Other top-selling stunt training sessions have a bit more of a martial arts slant. Learn Crouching-Tiger-style wirework, fight choreography, swordplay and all the skills required to graduate a ninja assassin. And of course, no stunt course would be complete without a high fall! There are even advanced rappelling/abseiling lessons. Remember John McClane scaling the skyscraper in Die Hard? That could be you!

Stunt Training – Learn from the Best!

Hollywood owes a lot to these stunt experts. The instructors coordinating your stunt class have guided students who went on to contribute to blockbusters like Wolverine, the Fast and the Furious franchise and Arrow. This isn’t just some fantasy camp. These world-class trainers are committed to ensuring you walk out of your lesson with a new set of skills. Sure, you might not be jumping out of an exploding building anytime soon, but stunt classes are really about sharpening skills that can be applied to everyday life—speed, balance, endurance, basic martial arts knowledge. These stunt classes may even help you overcome a few of your fears!

Women’s Self Defense Courses

And speaking of practical skills: also included in these Gold Coast offerings are self-defense classes for women. Practice the right techniques to ward off an aggressor and build confidence. No experience necessary. All ages and abilities welcome. These highly skilled self defense instructors will teach you not only how to use your body in a threatening situation but also how to train your mind to remain calm and collected. Women’s self defense courses train you to intelligently react during moments of high stress.

Become a Stuntman Today

Learn all the tricks of the trade while enjoying a thrilling workout and taking out the bad guys! These Gold Cost courses are perfect gift ideas for birthdays, buck’s and hen’s parties or just a thrilling afternoon out with your best mates. Book now!

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