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Stunt Driving

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What is stunt driving?

Stunt driving is what makes those thrilling high-speed car chases, jumps and manoeuvres you see in cinema and TV shows happen. They’re typically carried out by a professional stunt driver (although some actors are known to do their own stunts!) – an expert in precision driving and someone who is able to follow the specific instructions of the director.

Often stunt driving is in cars or motorbikes, but it can also involve other vehicles, from trucks and scooters to cranes and tanks.

How to become a stunt driver

Work as a professional stunt driver can be hard to come by. No particular training is required to become a stunt person, but those who’ve made a success of a stunt driving career in the TV and film industry are sure to be performance driving experts. Our range of driving experiences, with professional instruction included, are a great choice for anyone looking to improve their driving ability and have an epic time while doing it.


What’s the best stunt driving experience?

One of the easiest (and safest) ways to learn stunt driving skills and get a realistic taster of the life of a stunt driver is by heading to stunt driving school at Sandown Raceway, Melbourne. This course is the only one of its kind in the world.

It’s led by expert instructors, so you’ll be in safe hands and can focus on having an incredible driving experience. With multiple 360-degree spins, ramp to ramp jumps, 180 degree hand brake turn parallel parking, and even driving on two wheels, this is an adventure you’ll never forget.

No previous experience is needed to take this stunt driving course, you just need a minimum of a P-plate licence and be able to drive a manual car.

Another popular and exciting experience is the skid pan driving lesson in Brisbane. With a car included to drive, you’ll enjoy four fun sessions over four hours and come away with a new-found knowledge of how to control skids in a sports car.

Prefer your action on two wheels? Then master this ultimate bike manoeuvre and learn to wheelie a motorcycle in Melbourne. With expert private training and instruction you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve, and all without putting your bike, personal safety or licence at risk.

Explore the site for even more of the best and most thrilling driving experiences on track and road around Australia.