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Bondi Surf Lessons

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Where is the best place to learn to surf?

If you’re new to surfing and want to catch some waves, it’s a good idea to take some surfing lessons. The advice of expert surf instructors will see you progress to catching waves much faster than trying to go it alone. Plus, you’ll also pick up plenty of information on safety precautions and avoiding danger in the water. If you want to learn to surf in Sydney, New South Wales, then Bondi Beach surf lessons are one of the options well worth considering. 

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this iconic location is a great spot for surfing. It’s just 8km (and a short journey on public transport) from Sydney CBD, so even those on a short city break could find they have time to squeeze in a little time on the board. 

Of course, Bondi isn’t the only place you can enjoy surf lessons in Sydney. Check out our range to find the spot that suits you best, from stunning Manly on the Northern Beaches to Cronulla in the south.  

How much do Bondi surfing lessons cost?

A two-hour Bondi beach surf lesson typically costs around $119 for adults and $109 for children. Check the website for the latest prices and any special offers. With our Lowest Price Guarantee, you can book your Bondi surf lesson with confidence here at Adrenaline.  

What is included in a Bondi beach surf lesson?

One of the advantages of taking a surf lesson is you can just show up on the day in your swimwear and be given everything you need. Surfboard, wetsuit/rash vest, sunblock and, of course, professional surf instruction are included. There are also change rooms and on beach showers, as well as storage for your valuables. 

The surfing lesson will cover surf awareness and safety, surfing-specific warm-ups and stretches, paddling through shore break, standing up on a surfboard, how to catch waves, and equipment selection and advice.

Surf lessons at Bondi normally take place in a small group. You’ll learn some skills on the beach before taking to the water to put it all into practice. It’s amazing exercise and really fun. You might just find yourself a new favourite hobby. 

When is the best time to surf in Bondi?

The best time of day to surf depends on factors like the tide, swell and wind. But for many people early in the morning is best. What better way to start the day than with a dip in the ocean? Just before sunset is another popular time with surfers. Truth is though, Bondi Beach is a great location to learn to surf throughout the day and at all times of year. 

Can you learn to surf at any age?

There’s no age limit on learning to surf. Surf lessons are great fun for kids and adults alike, even those with no surf experience at all. The 2-hour lessons at Bondi are run by National Women’s Director of Surfing Australia and champion surfer Brenda Miley. All surf coaches she leads are qualified with credentials like Level One, Two, Master Coach with First Aid, Surf Bronze and Advanced Resuscitation. As well as being awesome surfers, they’re great at communication, teaching and have a friendly attitude. With expert instruction from knowledgeable and passionate surfers like this and a small group learning to surf, you’ll be out in the water catching waves in no time.

How many people surf at Bondi Beach each year?

Thousands! You’ll find people surfing Bondi at almost all times of day, times of year pretty much all weather conditions. It takes a lot to keep dedicated surfers from their time in the water! The beach is also patrolled by lifeguards 365 days a year (if you’ve seen Bondi Rescue you’ll know that already!), which is essential for keeping you safe.