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Survival Courses Melbourne

On a survival course, you'll be trained in a number of wilderness survival techniques to prepare you for a jaunt in the great outdoors—whether planned or unplanned. Signalling for help, lighting a fire, collecting water and building a shelter are all abilities that will prove vital to your safety and survival. These basic skills of bushcraft will make you feel ready for anything.

Get Back to Basics—Survival Skills to Master

Signalling for help is the first step to increase your odds of being found as quickly as possible. But if help is far away, you'll want to build a shelter for the night. Learn the basic skills to construct a temporary shelter that will keep you safe, warm and dry. Your survival may one day depend on it!

Clean, safe water is also an essential part of survival: you can't stay healthy if you're not hydrated. On a wilderness survival course, you'll learn to locate, collect and filter water for your own use until help arrives.

Fire Starting – the Ultimate Survival Skill

If you find yourself out in the bush when night falls and the temperature drops, there's one more thing you'll need above all else: fire. Survival courses offer the opportunity to learn to start a fire the old-fashioned way—by rubbing sticks together, known in the trade as “friction fire lighting.” It's an iconic skill of bushcraft that requires no lighters or matches, just getting in touch with your inner caveman! Fire starting is considered a bushcraft rite of passage and is tricky to master, but your professional survivalist instructors will coach you through the various techniques.

Mastering basic bush craft skills will increase your confidence as a hiker, bush walker or any kind of outdoorsman. There's no satisfaction like resting in a shelter and being warmed by a fire of your own making. Find out what it takes to be a survivor on a wilderness survival course!

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