Swim With Sharks Sydney

Swim With Sharks Sydney

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Where to swim with sharks in Sydney?

Sharks are the fiercest and most fear-inducing creatures in the sea, which is what makes swimming with sharks such an electrifying experience. In Sydney you can embrace the fear and jump into the tank with these mammoth creatures at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

This is a diving experience that you need to tick off your bucket list. You’ll be scuba diving in the shark tank with multiple breeds of sharks and other incredible marine life swimming all around you. Entering into their natural habitat gives you an adrenaline rush unlike anything else, and will make you appreciate the sheer size and imposing presence that sharks have up close. 

You don’t need to have any scuba diving experience to go diving with sharks at Sydney Aquarium, you just need to decide you’re game enough to do it. Book in your extreme shark dive at Adrenaline and get ready for the underwater thrill of a lifetime.

What sharks can you swim with?

The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium tank that you will be diving into is a bustling ecosystem of marine life. There are more than 30 sharks in the tank, including Grey Nurse sharks that stretch up to an epic 3.2 metres in length, wobbegongs, and Port Jackson sharks. You’ll also spot four species of stingray and two species of marine turtles among the abundance of other marine life living in the tank.

By far, the sharks dominate this Sydney Aquarium tank, both because of their numbers and because of their domineering nature. Scuba diving with sharks is the real life version of Shark Week that trumps anything you could ever see on TV. Try to take deep breaths as Grey Nurse sharks scope you out, Port Jackson sharks saunter by, and wobbegong sharks slip past. It’s another world in the tank, and you can be a part of it for one exhilarating diving experience. 

Is shark diving dangerous?

While swimming with sharks might seem like your worst nightmare in some uncontrolled contexts, swimming with sharks in the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium Tank is very safe. Diving with sharks in Sydney is a very popular activity that people enjoy all the time. It gives you the excitement of fear while you can rest assured that you don’t need to actually fear for your safety. 

All the necessary safety precautions will be taken to make sure your diving experience is safe from start to finish. As no scuba diving experience is necessary, you’ll kick off with a diving and equipment briefing. This will be both theoretical and practical, and you’ll put on your wetsuit and weight belt to practice in the training pool. Shark diving instructors will give you personalised tuition to make sure that you’re confident with the necessary skills and commands before getting into the tank. You’re in good hands!

For your safety, all divers must be able to speak english and have a reasonable level of swimming ability. You also must not drink alcohol the night before you dive or fly in an aircraft within 12 hours after you dive. Scuba diving also may not be something you can take part in due to pregnancy, epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, chest conditions, sinus conditions, ear problems/surgery, high blood pressure, recent injuries and various other medical and psychological conditions. If this is the case, you must obtain a medical clearance from your doctor before the dive to ensure your safety.

How long can you swim with sharks?

At Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, your shark diving experience will include 30 minutes in the tank with the sharks and other marine life. All together with the scuba diving training and safety precautions the experience will be about 2.5 hours long. 

For 30 minutes the tank is yours to explore. You can observe all the different marine life or focus your attention on something specifically - like if a particular grey nurse shark sparks your interest. It’s up to you!

While you’re diving, your family and friends can watch if they want to from the safety of the spectators tunnel. Swimming with sharks is an epic half hour of adrenaline-pumping excitement that will have you buzzing long after you get out of the tank. 

How to book a swim with sharks experience at Adrenaline?

It’s easy to book Sydney experiences at Adrenaline and can be done online in a matter of moments. All you have to do is find the experience you want to book - so in this case that’s swimming with sharks at Sydney Aquarium - and purchase online with a bank card. You can even use Afterpay. 

Once you’ve decided on your diving experience and booked in to swim with sharks at your preferred time and date, we will confirm those details with you so that you’re good to go! You could also buy swimming with sharks as an experience gift voucher, which means you can book in a specific time whenever is convenient. 

Adrenaline gift vouchers are also great because they are flexible to changes of mind, so if you buy a shark dive voucher but decide you want to do something else instead, you can use the voucher credit value on any other experience on the site.

But swimming with sharks is such an unbeatable diving experience you won’t want to exchange it!