Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb Deals

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Book your Sydney Harbour Bridge climb online at Adrenaline today and scale new heights in this must-do Sydneyside attraction.

What is the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb?
The Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is a daytime event that’s designed to live long in memory. Adrenaline offers Sydney Harbour Bridge climb package deals that feature a 3.5-hour experience. You’ll be latched on to the Climb Base below Bradfield Highway, from where you will traverse catwalks until you reach the southeast pylon. From here, you’ll ascend four ladders to reach the upper pylon, placing the world below at your fingertips. Adrenaline’s unforgettable Sydney Harbour Bridge climb also includes use of a Bridge Suit and Bridge Fleece, for all weather-protection.

How much is the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb?
The Sydney Harbour Bridge climb cost at Adrenaline is priced from $308 per adult and $208 each for children aged 8 to 15 years old. Don’t forget to include your discount code for maximum savings in the special deals on Sydney Harbour Bridge climbs, offered online at Adrenaline.

How high is the Sydney Harbour Bridge?
The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a whopping 134 metres high and was the world’s widest long-span bridge (at almost 49 metres) since it opened in March 1932 until it was trumped by the Port Mann Bridge in Vancouver in 2012.

Nicknamed the “Coathanger”, due to its distinctive steel-arch design, the iconic and heritage-listed Sydney Harbour Bridge is also the sixth longest spanning-arch bridge and tallest steel-arch bridge in the world. So, thrill seekers can only imagine the breathtaking experience and spectacular views to be absorbed once you ascend the summit on your Sydney Harbour Bridge climb with Adrenaline.

How many steps is the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb?
Bragging to your family and friends that you “climbed the bridge” requires a general level of fitness, endurance and overcoming vertigo-based fears that is not for the fainthearted. There are about 200 steps to ascend the southeast pylon to the upper arch in a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, but once you reach the summit, the sky is truly the limit. Spectacular Sydney Harbour, the world-famous Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour and an awe-inspiring personal achievement are yours for the taking.

How old to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge?
Budding adventurers under eight years of age are ineligible for the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb with Adrenaline. In addition to the Sydney Harbour Bridge age limit, there is also a Sydney Harbour Bridge height restriction of no less than 1.2 metres tall. Further safety measures, such as those who suffer heart and respiratory conditions, seizures, are no more than 24 weeks’ pregnant or not fully limbed, also exclude bridge climb suitability. There is no specific Sydney Harbour Bridge weight limit, but if you are concerned about your weight, you are advised to contact the tour provider prior to booking your Sydney Harbour Bridge climb with Adrenaline.

How to book a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb?
Booking the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is simply a matter of jumping online at Adrenaline. There’s a range of bridge climb deals offered online at a price and time to suit you and your family’s inclination for skyward ascension.