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You love the rush of the sweet, salty sea air. Sure, you’ve been in an airplane while travelling, but you hardly have the chance to look out the windows and really see the majestic views below you or smell that lovely scent? Perhaps you’ve had the chance to fly through the ocean, bounding through the waves and appreciating the amazing sea life all around you. But have you ever thought that there might be a way to combine both? To feel the rush of the sea but to be able to truly view it in all of its splendour at the same time?

At Adrenaline we’ve got tremendous adventures awaiting you with our Sydney Seaplanes experiences. We offer great seaplane experiences, ranging from quick 20-minute flights to longer adventures. This is also a perfect experience for a romantic adventure. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Sydney together like never before; some of our experiences even include a romantic dining experience once you’ve landed! The dining experiences such as the ones at Jonah’s or Cottage Point Inn are simply spectacular. You’ll dine on sumptuous meals that are impeccably prepared, and that you'll rave about to your mates and family.

Dramatic views of Whale Beach, the Hawkesbury River or even the wild Pacific Ocean could be yours to delight in! Don’t wait another moment; you could enjoy the tremendous waterways and amazing scenery such as few people get the chance to! Take off from the sea and fly through the air! The islands, tourist attractions such as the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Rose House and Sydney itself will be yours to enjoy.

Adrenaline has so many Sydney Seaplane adventures that the hardest decision you’ll have to make will be which one to choose! Book with Adrenaline Now and Save!
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