Things to do in Broome

Things to do in Broome

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The beach resort town of Broome in the Kimberley region of Western Australia has plenty to offer visitors and locals alike. It’s home to around 16,000 people, but with its location on a peninsula next to the Indian Ocean, it’s a popular holiday destination for people from across Australia and around the world. It has a stunning coastline that you’re sure to want to explore and, at Adrenaline, we offer a variety of attractions and things to do in the area.

This multicultural town has an interesting history, breathtaking natural attractions and some unique local wildlife. The area has long been known for pearl farms (such as Willie Creek pearls), and the pearling industry continues to attract visitors to this part of northern Western Australia. But, we’re guessing most of you will be looking for some more exciting activities to try than shopping for pearls during your visit.  

Fun things to do in Broome 

A real must-see in Broome is the mangroves and tidal changes of Roebuck Bay. Explore the pristine beaches and don’t miss your chance to check out the 120-million-year-old dinosaur footprints fossilised in the rock. One of the most exciting ways to see it is on a state-of-the-art hovercraft boat tour, which includes expert commentary and insight from a knowledgeable local guide.  

Another spot not to miss is Cable Beach, a 22-kilometre stretch of white sand, famous for its turquoise waters, red cliffs, sand dunes, camel rides and gorgeous sunsets. Sure, you can stroll along the beach and swim in its waters, but for the ultimate views it’s well worth jumping on a scenic helicopter flight. This will allow you to see this stretch of sand (and the area in general) from a whole new perspective, plus it comes with the added bonus of a real adrenaline rush. See what all the fuss is about and spend some time exploring one of Australia’s best beaches.  

And then there’s Horizontal Falls and the tidal waves at Talbot Bay. These are best seen from the air, as few boats head through the narrow channels, making it particularly unspoiled. The powerful ebb and flow of the tides here are seriously impressive. Don’t just take our word for it, David Attenborough described it as “Australia’s most unusual natural wonder”. See it for yourself with a Horizontal Falls helicopter tour, which is sure to be a contender for one of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever do. You fly for three hours in total, giving you awesome views of the Kimbolton Ranges, with the highlight being a low-level flight to take in Horizontal Falls up close.  

We mentioned wildlife earlier, so you might be wondering “are there crocodiles in Broome?”The answer is yes, crocodiles are found in the waters around Broome. No need to panic though, just take the appropriate level of care and follow local guidance and chances are very good that you’ll avoid unexpected encounters.  

A far better way to get up close with these impressive creatures is on a Crocodile feeding tour at the Malcolm Douglass Crocodile Park. The park’s home to more than 2,500 crocs, plus a variety of other wildlife (emus, kangaroos, cassowaries, dingoes, camels and more), making it one of the best things to do for families in BroomeIt’s a day out kids and adults are sure to remember long into the future.  

Or maybe you’re up for the fishing adventure of a lifetime? Hop on our private heli fishing adventure and get ready to for the rush of flying and visit to a couple of the very best remote fishing spots the Kimberley region has to offer. The expert guide will make sure this is a day to remember, whether you’re a seasoned angler or more of a beginner. All fishing gear is supplied, so you and a buddy just need to turn up and prepare for a bucket list day out.  


Where is Broome?  

Broome, known as Rubibi to the indigenous Yawuru people, is in northern Western Australia and is the main hub and base for anyone wanting to explore the wider Kimberley region. You’ll find plenty of accommodation options and places to eat in Broome, plus plenty to keep you occupied.  

You can fly from most Australian state capitals or take a road trip… but do make a note that’s it more than 2,200 kilometres (1,367 miles) from Perth. That’s almost 24 hours’ worth of driving time! 

Those wanting to extend their adventure can make Broome their starting point for a 4WD adventure along the Gibb River Road, which runs from Derby to Kununurra (or Wyndham). This is one of the best ways to explore the Kimberley wilderness, National Parks and magnificent landscapes, with plenty of places worth stopping off for the night.  


When is the best time to visit Broome? 

Anyone planning a trip to Broome, or searching for the best things to do, should know that due to the tropical climate there are two distinct seasons here – wet and dry. April/May sees the start of the dry season and this runs through until September/October. During these months Broome weather is typically warm days, blue skies, balmy evenings and ideal holiday weather. Naturally, this is also the most popular time of year for tourists.  

The wet season kicks off in October/November with the potential for torrential downpours and isolated thunderstorms. Some visitors wanting to avoid the crowds or get better deals on Broome accommodation may prefer to visit at this time of year. But, if this is your plan, it’s always worth checking that the attractions and things to do in Broome you want to see won’t be impacted by poor weather conditions. The wet season typically peaks between January and March.