Things to do in Goulburn

Things to do in Goulburn

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More About Goulburn

As well as offering an adventure-fuelled F1 race experience and the opportunity to run Porsche hot laps, Goulburn has a network of delightfully scenic roads through the countryside. Visit towns such as Taralga, Laggan, Crookwell and Gunning by car or bike, and tuck into the region’s famed produce as you go. There are wineries scattered throughout this region too, so suffice to say there’ll be plenty of vino on hand.

The Goulburn region also has attractions such as the 15-metre-high Big Merino, which celebrates the local wool industry, and the Victoria Park Rose Garden, where you can wander amongst more than 1,500 blooms.

Just over an hour’s drive north of Goulburn are Australia’s famous Wombeyan Caves, complete with underground passages and streams to explore.