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Things to do in Perth

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The days are the same, in and out. You clock in, you clock out, maybe meet your friends at the pub for a few drinks. If you’re lucky, perhaps one of you meets a special guy or girl or maybe an enjoyable ruckus breaks out. Even of that though, you’ve tired. You’ve gone bowling, played mini-golf and seen the inside of every pub, dance floor and restaurant there is.

Things to do in Perth? Like what, you say.

Well, let’s just say we’ve got more than a few ideas to get your blood pumping and get you a little more excited than the average jaunt down the street. And chances are that you will not be setting foot in a boring pub in any of the adventures that we have to offer, except to brag to your mates about how much fun you had.

We’ve got plenty of land experiences that will challenge you at every step, from Rock Climbing adventures to Extreme Buggy Thrill Rides.

If you prefer the water, we have more than one way to soothe your adventurous itch. Test your balance on one of our fun Kiteboards or brave the whitecaps in our world-class White Water Rafts. And when you really want to challenge the awesome power of the sea, our Jet Boat Rides will take you on the ride of your life.

Want to take to the air? Soaring above Perth on a Helicopter Ride is always a thrilling option. But, if you’re looking to defy the sky and push your limits, you can plunge through the air in one of our exciting Skydiving experiences.

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