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Unusual and unique driving experiences


At Adrenaline you’ll find driving experiences to suit all kinds of people. So, if it’s a unique driving experience you want, you’ll find something that catches your eye in our range. We’ve got track race days, supercar hire, off-road driving experiences and a whole load of adventures that let you take the wheel of vehicles that are a million miles away from your day-to-day driving.


Off road buggy racing


Send mud flying and zoom across terrain most vehicles wouldn’t even get close to handling with our range of off road racing buggy experiences. These thrilling adventures give you the chance to make the most of all the power of a V8 engine and the incredible racing capabilities of an off road racing buggy.


With expert instruction and purpose-built tracks to take on, this is the perfect choice for petrol heads and anyone looking for an action-packed activity that combines bucket list levels of excitement with the chance to learn new skills.


Learn how to operate a bulldozer

We’re not kidding, you really can learn to drive a bulldozer, skid steer or excavator. Maybe you’ve always wondered what it takes to operate heavy machinery, or perhaps you’re just reading this now and like the sound of this unique experience.


These mighty pieces of machinery weight up to 70 tonnes, so why not take the opportunity to jump in the driver’s seat and learn the basics. You’ll be able to practice all-important construction site skills like scooping, digging trenches and stacking piles of dirt.


This is a great experience for young and old, with kids aged 12 and over able to use earth-moving equipment without the need for a licence.  


Is driving a dump truck hard?


With expert instruction and a 10-minute safety briefing you’ll be able to discover whether you’re up to the task of driving a dump truck.


You’ll likely be amazed at what you’re able to achieve in this taster session and walk away with a sense of accomplishment. Don’t just take our word for it though, give this unusual experience a try!