V8 Experiences Perth

V8 Experiences Perth

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What’s it like to drive a v8 supercar for the first time?

Never driven a V8 supercar before? You’re in a for treat. You’ll love every moment of your laps driving the circuit, pushing the car and yourself to new levels of speed.

Thankfully, you’ll have expert instruction from a professional racing driver. You’ll be given a full safety briefing and given tuition on the circuit and the vehicle, so you’re ready to have a whole lot of fun and record the best possible lap times.

Your instructor’s handy tips on gear changes, braking, apexes, cornering and all aspects of driving this V8 supercar around the Barbagallo track will see you walking away with a better understanding about the skills required to be a successful racing driver.

Just when you think you’ve pushed the car (or V8 ute!) as far as it can go, you’ll move to the passenger seat. Hold on tight as the pro driver will take you for some thrilling hot laps around this legendary track and a speed that defies logic. Listen to the roar of the engine and feel the g force! What a rush.

How old do you have to be to go on a v8 supercar experience in Perth?

To do laps driving the circuit yourself you’ll need to hold at least a P-plate licence. 

There is no age restriction if you only wish to ride hot laps as passenger. However, you need to be at least 120cm tall and weigh at least 40kg. Check the product details for further information and requirements. 

Why choose Adrenaline to book a V8 supercar experience in Perth?

Looking for the very best range of V8 supercar experiences in Perth? Look no further. We have the most exhilarating V8 experiences in Australia to choose from across our site, including plenty of options at Barbagallo Raceway.

We’ve been making people’s V8 driving dreams come true for a number of years, offering the best suppliers and the best prices.

Booking your Barbagallo Raceway V8 supercar experience couldn’t be easier. Find the experience of your choice, click ‘Book Now’ to secure a preferred time and date, or select ‘Give as a Gift Voucher’ to give someone else the choice of when they attend.

Buying a V8 driving experience gift voucher offers total flexibility, with three years’ validity. Book today with confidence.