V8 Hot Laps Bathurst

V8 Hot Laps Bathurst

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What is the best V8 hot laps Bathurst experience?

Across our site you’ll find a range of V8 hot laps experiences to choose from. The one that best suits you is something only you can answer and will depend on whether you’re happy to simply ride as a passenger with a professional race driver at the wheel, or whether you’d also like to get behind the wheel yourself.

Looking for V8 hot laps in Bathurst? You’re in luck. Typically, the experience of racing around the legendary ‘The Mountain’ – Mt Panorama circuit has been limited to celebrities, corporate sponsors and, of course, racing drivers.

But now you have the chance to enjoy two high-speed passenger laps driven by a professional racing driver during this special event. You’ll sit in the front seat and feel the full power of these awesome supercars.

Enjoy an unforgettable ride around this iconic track, which motorsport fans will know is home to the Bathurst 1000. Sadly, your ride won’t be as long as the 161 laps those taking part in the full race complete, but it’s sure to be one you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

How much are V8 hot laps Bathurst packages?

Take a look at the full range of Bathurst V8 experiences, to see the latest prices and whether the track is taking bookings at this time. If it is, act fast to secure your spot and get a taste of what life is like as a V8 race driver, as this amazing raceway isn’t always open for racing and hot laps experiences. After all, it’s a public road on non-race weekends!

Video footage of your ride will be available to buy on the day at an additional cost. 

Where to buy V8 hot laps gift vouchers in Bathurst?

Here at Adrenaline we offer gift vouchers across our experiences, at values to suit you. However, as events at Mt Panorama, Bathurst are limited and usually restricted to a single day, you will need to book in for a specific date and time. If you are giving this as a gift, please make sure the recipient is able to attend, as alternative dates and unlikely to be available. 

How long are Adrenaline gift vouchers valid for?

Our gift vouchers are valued for three years. Recipients of our gift vouchers can use its value to book at V8 experience at Bathurst, but please be aware that the track is only open to the public for special events. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of other V8 experiences and hot laps running at other courses around Australia, including Eastern Creek, on dates throughout the year.