Whale Watching Cruises Melbourne

Whale Watching Cruises Melbourne

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Best Whale-Watching Cruises in Melbourne

On the hunt for exciting things to do in Melbourne and its surrounds during the cooler months? Looking for unique gift ideas for the animal lovers in your life? Discover the fantastic range of Melbourne whale-watching adventures available at Adrenaline. From short, sharp three-hour cruises to longer six-hour outings, you’ll find plenty of incredible options to choose from.

Can you go whale watching in Melbourne?

While you likely won’t see any whales swimming along the Yarra River, there are several locations around Melbourne that offer great whale watching. The most popular spot to see whales, and even dolphins, is at Phillip Island which is a 2 hour drive from the Melbourne CBD. 

What month is best to go whale watching in Melbourne?

With thousands of whales making their way along Australia’s east coast during their annual migration north, the best time to go whale watching in Victoria is not one particular month but rather a period spanning from May to early October. With a decent amount of time available to see these mammals in the wild, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to go whale watching in Melbourne and its surroundings.

What time of day is best for whale watching in Melbourne?

Whether you’re joining a whale-watching cruise at Phillip Island or choosing to go whale-watching around Melbourne, you can spot the incredible sea creatures at most times of the day, from dusk to dawn, however the morning is sometimes recommended for general sightseeing, with fewer waves helping make the whales easier to spot.

What should I bring on a Phillip Island whale watching cruise?

Planning to go whale watching at Phillip Island? For a safe and comfortable ocean adventure, it’s a good idea to ensure you have everything you’ll need before you board your tour boat.

Since Australia’s whale watching season coincides with the cooler winter months, a waterproof and windproof jacket is recommended for most tours, as is dressing in warm layers. For additional warmth when you’re out on the water, consider packing a scarf and beanie too.

Even though you’ll likely be setting sail on a whale-watching cruise at Phillip Island during winter, it is still important to protect yourself from the sun. Pack some sunscreen, a hat with a drawstring and a pair of sunglasses. If the sun is particularly bright on the day of your tour, your sunglasses will also help reduce the amount of glare from the water, making it easier for you to spot whales amongst the waves.

You’re sure to have a few opportunities to take photos while whale watching at Phillip Island. To help keep your smartphone or camera safe and secure, think about attaching a neck or wrist strap. Not only will doing so help keep your device safe and secure, but it’ll also leave your hands free when climbing stairs or navigating the boat deck in choppy waters.

If you know you’re susceptible to seasickness, pack some seasickness tablets. Although you might not need them, it’s always good to have them on hand if the need arises.

Some whale-watching cruises at Phillip Island provide refreshments, including snacks, beverages and even lunch. If your tour doesn’t include food or drinks, you may like to pack a bottle of water and a few bites to eat.